The Ultimate Kitchen Design Ideas and Inspiration, with 7 General Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen design is not an easy task and certainly not all people have patient or time for it. When making kitchen design, you have to pay attention to the smallest details and also pay attention to the bigger picture. For example, there is a need to adjust the wall coverings to the pavement, place all the electrical appliances in the right place and make sure that the kitchen will be spacious enough.

Simple and minimalist kitchen design ideas
Simple and minimalist kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Design

However, there are people who are very interested in design in general, and specifically interior design and kitchen design is a great task to which they approach with joy. These people love to think about how the kitchen worktops will be integrated with the kitchen cabinets and drawers or how to integrate colors along with appliances that are in the kitchen. Kitchen design can be a tedious and difficult for some but interesting and full of challenge for others. Kitchen design is something you can do alone. This often includes coordinating between different professionals and spending some time in kitchen accessories shops.

As stated above, it is not a task that speaks to everyone, so if you feel you do not have the patience, time or the knowledge necessary to make a successful kitchen design you can certainly hire the services of an interior designer for the job. Interior designer you can work closely with on a project of designing a home kitchen or on a project of designing a house.

If you choose to work with an interior designer it is most important that you will explain your personal taste and how you want the kitchen to look in the end. Define your expectations from the interior designer as well as define your expectations from your kitchen.

Know your budget – the budget will have a huge impact on the design. When designing your kitchen you need to be aware to the fact that the small details also have a cost. The budget should not include only the main and obvious kitchen components but also the accessories, the new dishes if planned , new electric appliances if needed, interior designer payment if you decided to hire one etc. surprises are nice but not when you need to pay.

Seating in the kitchen design ideas
Seating in the kitchen design ideas

Minimalist retro kitchen
Minimalist retro kitchen design ideas

Green kitchen design ideas
Green kitchen design ideas

Tips for The Ultimate Kitchen

People say kitchen is the most important area at home. This fact is probably true, at least in the interior design world. When we start designing our kitchen it is often comes with a lot of stress since we do not want to make mistakes. So how do we do it? How we design a kitchen that is up to date and attractive as well as practical and comfortable?

Let’s Start With 7 General Tips:

  1. Make a list of your wants and needs from your kitchen. Your kitchen has to be adjusted to you.
  2. Plan as many drawers as possible, deep as possible, but make room also for at least two flat drawers (for cutlery). A kitchen with many drawers will be easy to use.
  3. Even if you are pro open kitchen, try to have hidden areas we well.
  4. Hidden areas are important for intimate dining room and for more clean and arranged kitchen sense.
  5. If you have young children you need to consider them. If you plan on your children independency you need for example to place the microwave according to their height.
  6. When you plan the stove you need the sink nearby and working surface on both sides (at least 0.5 meter each)
  7. The dishwasher should be as close as possible to the sink.

Another Tips

When deciding to work with an interior designer it is also important whom you choose: see previous work, get recommendations and see if you have good personal connection and mutual understanding.

A good interior designer will get the main idea that you have, consider the budget and work according to your personal taste or with your permission will take you to entirely new design style. Same as in relationship everything is going as long as both sides are happy.

And last but not least explain the interior designer your cooking habits, so they can design the kitchen to fit your exact needs. This way you'll relish the results of an ideal kitchen suit for you.

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