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10 Helpful Tips Regarding Commercial Construction


Commercial construction is not an easy task. It requires hundreds of people working on a site for months or even years for the project to be completed. It might seem that having many people working the job makes it easy but it does not.

Managing a team of workers with different specialties is quite stressful, especially for the amount of time it takes until the work gets completed.

10 Helpful Tips Regarding Commercial Construction
10 Helpful Tips Regarding Commercial Construction

10 Helpful Tips Regarding Commercial Construction

As a manager working in commercial constructions, you most likely already know the details of the job. Still, some extra tips can help make your job easier. If you just joined a construction team, these tips can also help you settle into your work better.

10 helpful tips regarding commercial constructions include:

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  • Take on Advance Planning

Always make plans ahead of time. When taking on commercial constructions, you don’t have to wait until the very day the construction begins to start planning. Waiting is a step towards disappointment and disorganization. Make plans, revise and improve on them before the construction.

This makes you fully prepared on the day of the construction. Even when the construction begins, make sure subsequent plans are made ahead of time. These plans include the design, the work phases, and construction.

Note that changes happen during construction so be ready to update your plans at any time. A good plan is what determines how good the project will turn out.

  • Map Out the Pre-Construction Stage

A number of unexpected hazards can take place at a construction site. Especially natural hazards like thunderstorms, strong winds, hailstorm or sandstorms, amongst others. Mapping out the pre-construction stage will help you get a better understanding of the environment the construction will be taking place.

When you get the necessary information, you can use it to make the important upgrades to the plans and design you’ve made for the construction.

  • Be Polite to Everyone

When working on a commercial construction project, you get to meet a wide range of people. Some you might already be familiar with and some other new faces.

Despite your position in the construction, bear in mind that most of the other people who are now a part of your team have quality experience in their jobs. You’ll meet seasoned engineers, carpenters, plumbers and so on. Do your best to be polite to all your workers, remembering that you all will be working together for a long time.

  • Make an Open Window for Communication

For every kind of relationship, communication is key. Proper communication is one of the key factors in achieving your dream project. If there is poor communication, it will reflect on the project. Remember that most workers on the site come from different backgrounds, so, learn to communicate in a way that you will be understood.

Encourage everyone else on the site to do the same. If there is a problem, it should be shared and if there is a solution to a problem, it should also be shared. Note that construction is a very delicate thing. A little mistake and it might all fall apart, so good communication is important to seal a good deal.

  • Keep to Time

Timing is very important in commercial construction. Even though it often takes months or years to complete, the sooner the better. When making your plans, draft out a time frame for your work. As the manager of the construction, you also will most likely be involved in so many different activities that you might start to lose track of time.

Manage your timing properly. If you fail to manage time, you might become disoriented which is bad for the entire process. Manage your time according to the time schedule you have made for the project.

  • Lead Efficiently

Commercial construction is not a one-man thing. An entire team is needed to make it a reality. Asides being polite to your team members, it is important that you learn to lead properly. Make them respect and listen to you.

Let them know the goal you are trying to achieve while reminding them that you will not settle for anything less. Ensure you make everyone carry out their jobs accordingly. You shouldn’t tell the refuse trailer guy to build the bricks or the electrician to fix the doors.

By letting your team know exactly what you are doing, they will find no need to question your order. Also, ensure you follow up with every process of the construction. Let your team know whenever they are finished, you will be coming to check out exactly what they have done. This improves their efficiency.

  • Thoroughly Read Through the Contract Document

It is very important that you read thoroughly through the contract document. Failing to do so might cause some problems along the line. In some situations when issues arise, it’s always too late to make any necessary changes to the contract agreement.

Don’t assume the client understand what you want. Always read through any contract before signing it. Remember in the process of commercial constructions, there are a lot of contracts to be signed.

  • Have a Knowledge of Costs

Knowledge of costs is important. It is best you know the cost of every material before the construction begins. Before the construction does a market research and finds out the cost of workers, materials, equipment and any other cost related factor.

Don’t forget to post-construction costs such as hiring a trash removal company and a refuse trailer for cleanup. Failing to find out costs can cause problems along the line.

  • Be Responsible

When working on a construction site, bear in mind that you are responsible for the project and your workers. Don’t make any careless decisions which will cause anyone harm. Responsibility also includes proper clean up after construction. Make sure you hire the right clean-up team with a refuse trailer as construction sites require excess cleaning.

  • Learn to Make the Right Negotiations

Constructions cost a lot of money and there is no need for spending more than is necessary. When hiring workers and when purchasing materials, be ready to negotiate as effectively as possible. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can be exploited as this is quite common in the construction business.

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