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5 Stylish Techniques to Dress a Bed

The bed is the focal point of most bedrooms, so it is important to dress the bed stylishly to enhance the overall look of the room.

There are many different decorating styles that can be used in the bedroom, ranging from sleek and modern to soft and romantic. The method used to dress the bed will usually set the overall mood and look for the entire room.

Vintage Style - Stylish Techniques to Dress a Bed

Vintage Style (5 Stylish Techniques to Dress a Bed)

5 Stylish Techniques to Dress a Bed

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  1. Sleek and Modern

A sleek and modern approach to dressing a bed works well in a contemporary styled room. Choose a bedspread in a solid color that either coordinates or contrasts with the overall room color. Bedspreads and comforters with a geometric or striped print also work well in modern decor.

Stick to bedding that has simple lines as opposed to frilly or fancy details. Pillows can be added to the bed, but avoid overly fancy pillows, and arrange them in a free-form fashion instead of a more evenly matched placement to create a modern look.

  1. Glamorous Styling Techniques

It can be fun to play up the bedroom in a truly glamorous style. When decorating the bed for glamour, think “Hollywood.” Add an upholstered and padded headboard to the bed to create an art deco look that will add glamour and style. This style of the headboard is often oversized to add additional drama.

If you wish to create your own padded headboard, cut a piece of wood to the proper size and shape. Then, use a staple gun to attach batting to the headboard, and upholstery with fabric, stapling it to the back of the headboard. Create a sumptuous padded look by adding fabric-covered buttons for a richly quilted look. Add a bedspread or comforter in an elegant fabric, and top with a pile of elegant pillows.

Glamorous Styling Techniques

Glamorous Styling Techniques

  1. Vintage Style

Vintage styling also works well in the bedroom. Depending on the overall look of your room, you can use a four-post or canopy bed to add vintage charm. Look in antique shops, flea markets and yard sales for vintage styled headboards. These can be used as is or painted to create a more detailed and elaborate look.

You can also use a shabby chic style of decorating to create a vintage style. Natural colors in soft shades often look good with vintage styling or add a couple of pillows in an accent color to add an interesting look. Fabrics with small patterns also work well in a vintage-styled room. Vintage looks can be simple and streamlined or include plenty of ruffles, lace, and details.

  1. Simple and Minimal

A minimal approach in the bedroom can add a very restful, peaceful and serene look. Dress the bed in neutral shades, such as a beautiful white or cream colored comforter. Add matching pillows or choose pillows in other colors that coordinate well with the bedding color. Try to keep frills and fussy details to a minimum.

  1. Romantic Bedroom Looks

An overall romantic look in the bedroom is always a popular decorating approach. When dressing a bed in a romantic theme, choose sumptuous fabrics such as satins and silks, and pile on the pillows.

Colors can be chosen to coordinate with the overall look of the bedroom, but rich shades often add a particularly romantic touch. Of course, nothing says romance like candles and wine, so wine and grape decor and a wall hanging candle holders can add the finishing touch.

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