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Affordable Accommodations to Consider in Miami

Located in the southern part of Florida and is also known as a port city, Miami is one of the most popular cities in the United States.

Apart from being the business and cultural center of South Florida, it is also a favorite tourist destination because of its beaches.

image - Affordable Accommodations to Consider in Miami
Affordable Accommodations to Consider in Miami

Having been one of the vacation destinations in the USA, the city of Miami is still known for being an expensive getaway location. Even living there could cost a lot but there are places for travelers who want to explore the city without shelling out a lot of cash.

Miami is just neighboring Cuba. One thing about these two cities is that they both have the Carribean charm because of their locations.  In the 1960s, several Cuban refugees immigrated to the United States, particularly in Florida.

Since most of these Cuban refugees settled in Miami and eventually created Little Havana. You can explore cigar shops, listen to salsa that’s just blaring around the area, and you can also even enjoy Cuban foods in several restaurants around the area.

You can also enjoy several beaches around Miami that you can visit such as Fort Lauderdale Beach, Virginia Key Beach, South Beach to name a few. And aside from the great view of the beaches, you can also go join boat tours around several bays and appreciate the beauty of the coastal area as well as to experience the wilderness that Miami has to offer. A sunset cruise in Stiltsville and Key Biscayne is also a great idea.

If you want to go on a city tour, there is also a Brew Bus in Miami that allows you to roam around and get to sample different locally brewed craft beers. No worries, there’s nothing wrong with day drinking as long as you are on a vacation.

Want insta-worthy photos? Go enhance your Instagram feed by walking around Miami Beach and take pictures on Art Deco structures in the area! You can also go shopping in several malls in the city as Miami is not just a tourist spot but also the business and financial district in South Florida.

But one of the most important things that you should consider is where to stay in Miami when you are traveling. Accommodation is as important as the destinations you plan on going to. But if you are on a budget, here are some options for your Miami tour:

Hostels Around the City

There are various hostels located around the city especially nearby beach areas. You can do cost-cutting by sharing a room with other tourists by checking-in in hostel-type accommodation. This is also a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers as you stay.

One of the main advantages of having friends during your travels is that you get to do the same things together. You will also be able to afford the packages, with your newfound friends, that are specifically made for a larger group of travelers – especially when you are traveling alone or there’s just the two of you.

Hostels do also offer several services that can help you get around the city and know the possible activities around which is convenient for you.

Quite far Hotels from the Beach Area

We all know that hotels are pricey especially when they are at the center or near the tourist attractions or when their rooms have great views of the beaches. Yes, staying in hotels nearby attractions is pretty convenient and spectacular but it is not practical if you are on a tight budget and a solo traveler.

Worry not as there are still plenty of hotels outside these areas, but still, make some destinations around Miami accessible. These kinds of hotels may also offer the same types of facilities that you can enjoy in high-end hotels. It is just their locations are the only difference.

According to recent listings in Expedia, accommodations near the Miami International Airport, including other communities such as South Miami, Miami Springs, and Downtown Miami are a lot cheaper than those in Miami Beach and Eastern Shores which are near the beaches.

Staying in hotels that are far from tourist spots could also be an advantage to you as there will be fewer crowds in the area. You’ll also get to explore more of Miami if you are in areas that are not densely populated by tourists. That is when you truly get to know a city when you get to know its essence, not just the parts that are often visited.

Book an Airbnb in Miami

If you’re not yet familiar with what Airbnb is, it is an application that allows you to find lodging and homestays in an area and budget of your choice, including Miami. The accommodations listed on Airbnb Miami are normally a lot cheaper than actual hotels and hostels because they are not considered as commercial accommodations.

These Airbnb accommodations are often offered by local homeowners who want to rent out their spare rooms or the whole house. Some of them rent out their homes when they are away.

This could be a great set up for you, with your friends or family it may be, because you get to be accommodated by locals. You’ll get to know more about Miami firsthand from its residents. These homestays could also provide more of a homey feel rather than service-based accommodations.

Some of the homeowners that rent out their rooms or homes are just located near the beach which means you’ll get to be near these spots without paying as much as you would at a hotel.

Miami is a great destination to travel to and you can still enjoy and experience it on a budget. Spending less on accommodations would mean that you get to spend more on scheduled tours, eating out, buying souvenirs, and more.

Plan thoroughly your trip to Miami so you get to make the most out of it, especially if you are there in a limited time. You would not be able to tour the whole city but through research, you can surely handpick the spots you on your bucket list.

Create an itinerary so you can save time, like scheduling the spots that are near each other on the same day. Itineraries also allow you to not push yourself too much by doing a lot; it would be a bummer to get sick during a planned trip.

A well-thought trip could be a successful and unforgettable experience, even when you are on a budget if you consider some of our tips.

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