Adjustable Height Tables Offer Versatility And Function

Adjustable Height Tables Offer Versatility And Function

Artists often have a connection to their drawing board tables that isn’t easily understood by those of us that aren’t into the art scene. In the old days, before graphic software and the net, this adjustable height table was a well considered topic of the artist and graphic designer. Quality and weight went hand in hand with a drawing table that served both function and aesthetics. These drawing boards were elaborate in their versatility of adjustment, with perfect balance at every setting. This type of adjustable height table often employed a heavy weight situated in the leg portion of the board. A simple lever system allowed the user infinite adjustments in slant and height to produce the perfect working surface.

Adjustable Height Tables Offer Versatility And Function
Adjustable Height Tables Offer Versatility And Function

Today, the adjustable height table is still in demand with the sleeves rolled up artist and computer oriented graphic designer alike. Originally designed to accommodate a comfortable seating and arm position, with plenty of room for paints, pen caddies and inks, the adjustable height table was both a work of art in itself, as well as the artist’s favorite corner.

Today, the artist may still enjoy their drawing table, but with new uses. No longer just a hands-on piece of furniture, the adjustable height table serves as a stand for the graphic designer’s computer, while still accommodating the tools of their trade.

Alongside bins of pens, pastels and drawing pads, the artist’s drawing table houses an electronic world of art, contained and executed on the home PC, taking little space and yielding big results. Versatility and function are important to the artist, and the adjustable height table affords the flexibility required for creative work, while still serving as an all around work station for the artist.

If you’re in the market for a drawing table, look for quality first. This type of table should last a lifetime, so don’t try to get by on the cheap. Look for a table of sufficient size to accommodate all of your necessities and your computer as well. Adjustable height table styles tend to be sleek, simple and functional, fitting in with almost any decor. Shop carefully and compare prices before buying.

Quality carries its own price tag. Be willing to pay what’s necessary for a good adjustable height table. If you shop around and prioritize your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect size and look that will keep you happy for years to come.

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