Gardner White Furniture: Affordable Furniture from Gardner White

Gardner White Furniture: Affordable Furniture from Gardner White

Gardner White furniture has been selling furniture to customers in Michigan for almost one hundred years.

Founded with the ideals of selling high quality furniture at cost-conscious prices, Gardner White furniture is a real and inspiring American success story.

Thirty-five years ago, Gardner White expanded from one furniture store to a warehouse and seven stores throughout southeastern Michigan.

But as much as they have grown, they stick to those ideals that helped make them a success 100 years ago.

Gardner White Furniture: Affordable Furniture from Gardner White

Low Prices

Gardner White furniture is amazing and beautiful, but thankfully Gardner White furniture is also affordable!

You can make your house look luxurious without dropping a fortune and that isn’t something that all furniture stores can guarantee or even offer. The prices at Gardner White Furniture will beat all the competitor’s prices, but that isn’t all!

There’s no pressure from pushy salespeople, Gardner White loves saving you money almost as much as you love saving your money!

There are unbeatable choices and selections, but time and time again it is the prices that bring customers back.

Gardner White Furniture will match the prices of their competitors and then refund the difference. It’s quite the commitment to low prices and it also gives you a leg up on redecorating your home.

High Quality

Gardner White Furniture was founded on quality that’s why they will always guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. It is also why they will scour the globe finding furniture from all over to sell in their stories.

It’s high quality, unique and luxurious and it’s affordable. It’s astounding. You will be surprised because you will find quality at Gardner White Furniture that you will not find at any other store.

Customer Service

Customer after customer has entered the doors of Gardner White Furniture and immediately felt like a member of the family. Gardner White Furniture has grown significantly over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed – the commitment to customers.

Buying Furniture

Buying furniture should be a fun endeavor, you should never feel pressure when you’re trying to transform your home.

It should be fun when you’re turning your home into your own personal sanctuary, if you are feeling uncomfortable about buying furniture in a showroom, chances are you’ll feel even worse about it when you get it home.

It’s nice to know that there are stores like Gardner White Furniture that put customer satisfaction above making a buck.


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