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Alternatives to Lattice for Deck Skirting Under a Deck or Porch

Alternatives to Lattice Under Deck — Looking for alternatives to lattice for deck skirting ideas under a porch or deck? People choose to add a skirt or cover to the base of their outdoor deck or porch for many reasons. Read on to learn what alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas are available.

Image of Alternatives to Lattice Under Deck for Deck Skirting Ideas

Alternatives to Lattice Under Deck for Deck Skirting Ideas

Deck Skirting Ideas for the Deck builder

There can be several reasons why you may object to using lattice on your deck and why you are looking for good alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas. One of the most common reasons people engage in such a search is simply that they do not like lattice skirts on their decks. They also may want to make their decks a bit more unique.

When deck builder looking for great alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas, one has to figure out what functions such skirting has to perform. Let us take a look at some alternatives to lattice under deck and on the purposes such skirting can be used for.

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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Lattice Under Deck

One of the most obvious functions of skirting is to make a deck look good. If this is your only purpose in selecting the best skirting and if you do not take fancy to lattice, there are quite a few alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas you can resort to. If you live in a warm climate zone and if you are fond of gardening or Eco-styling your home, you can make a live skirting under your deck.

Of course, such an alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas requires some skill and some tending, but it offers almost unlimited creativity options. For instance, you can make a little rock garden around your deck or porch. You can find many great plants, which grow in the shade and do not require much tending and watering.

You can make a “steps garden” and plant any kind of crawling plant or even grow your own strawberries there, if you have about 5 hours of sunshine on every side of your porch. To form this you would build two or three “steps boxes” around your porch or deck using any kind of wood lumber (even the used ones).

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Every step has to be at least 10 inches higher than the first one and they all have to be about 10 inches wide. Then you fill them with ground and plant your strawberries or other plants there. They make a great looking skirting during the summer and if you want them to remain green during the cold season, you may select some evergreen plants, such as Thuya bushes, for example.


This is one material that comes in many forms, but it is not just for the deck, it can be used for the skirt as well. Wood that is pre-pressurized like plywood will be best to prevent rot from within, but non-pressurized woods can work just as well if properly treated and sealed.

One good thing about wood is that it can be carved into almost any shape or design, can be painted nearly any color and also comes in pre-made, thin slats that work great for under deck skirts. In order to prevent mold growth under the deck, there will need to be some type of screened breathing vent installed in the skirt.

Vinyl Decking Material, Deck builder

This is one of the alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas that is sometimes questionable, but still a nice option none the less. The same vinyl siding that can be found on the sides of homes can work for a porch skirt also.

It provides a sleek and clean look that matches the home, can be easily cleaned and is usually fairly durable to weather damages. The only negative aspects to this alternative though, are that it can be costly, hard to work with and will require a separate venting system.

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Brick or Stone for Alternatives to Lattice Under Deck

Brick or stone can be nice alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas when the home is made from similar materials. Any home though, brick or not, can contain a brick or stone skirting on their porch that still looks nice.

Bricks come in many varieties and colors, which mean the skirt can be completely customized. Window bricks look very nice when stacked up to create a porch skirt and also allows for proper ventilation. Bricks and stone though, will cost more than the average material and labor costs will be higher as well.

Whether using wood, vinyl, plants or brick to complete your deck skirt masterpiece, you will find that each offers their own unique appeal and likeness. With them, lattice is no longer the only option available and when combining the design, durability and value of these materials, the deck builder can see what makes them great alternatives to lattice under deck for deck skirting ideas.


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