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Annual Boiler Service: 5 Things to Expect


Boilers are one of the basic equipment in most homes. Besides heating water, it can also provide your home with heat, comfort, and relaxation. And like any other machinery, a boiler needs servicing from time to time to ensure it remains in good condition and to help increase its longevity and efficiency.

image - Annual Boiler Service 5 Things to Expect
Annual Boiler Service 5 Things to Expect

An annual service generally includes check-ups and tests to assess the condition of your home’s boiler. During this time, consider asking questions about anything you don’t understand concerning the boiler or its maintenance. Technicians are usually more than happy to explain technical matters in simple terms.

An average boiler could take 30 to 60 minutes to service, although this mainly depends on the model and brand. However, if there are faulty components, the technician will recommend a boiler repair to ensure every component is restored to the required standard. Depending on the repair needed, this may take longer.

Furthermore, here are some things to expect during a boiler service:

1. Visual Inspection of Your Home’s Boiler

As mentioned, boiler servicing includes a thorough inspection of your boiler. A technician will inspect the unit for possible signs of wear and tear. Professionals will also see to it that components, such as boiler and heating controls, sensors, safety devices, and pipework are all in good shape.

To give you a brief idea, the inspection will focus on identifying issues such as:

  • Water leaks
  • Electrical condition
  • Signs of low-quality installation
  • Whether any combustible materials are close to the boiler
  • Signs of distress
  • Whether the boiler and its controls are suitable for use
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Flames inside the boiler
  • Whether the nozzle is blocked

2. Cleaning of the Inside of The Boiler

The technician you’ll hire will remove the boiler casing, vents, and covers and start cleaning the inside part. Cleaning involves using brushes to remove soot, carbon, and dust accumulated in the insides of the tubes to the heater. They will also clean the burner tubes and vents stacks.

Regular cleaning of your boiler can help prevent costly repairs down the road. This can also help ensure the heating performance of your furnace remains efficient.

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3. Flue Check

Another essential task that technicians perform during annual service is flue check. Flue acts as the chimney of your boiler. It’s generally a pipe or duct where air, fumes, and gases pass through during combustion.

If your boiler is operating properly, water vapor and carbon dioxide are produced. However, if the boiler is not burning gases correctly, it releases carbon monoxide, which could leak into your home and pose serious health risks. This can be caused when the flue is blocked by twigs, debris, or nests, among other things.

Having your home’s boiler serviced regularly can help prevent this. They can check for blockages that may be present and other possible issues that can affect the efficiency of your boiler’s components.

4. Checking of Boiler Operating Controls

Your boiler’s operating controls, such as pressure, temperature, and burner management controls, will also be assessed by a technician during an annual boiler service. They will compare the readings on the pressure gauge to the set pressure on the control.

They will also compare the thermometer reading to the one set on the primary controls. All these readings can help determine whether the boiler is working correctly and efficiently, which can go a long way in preventing boiler problems that may force you to replace the unit in the future.

5. Issuance of Service Certificate and Report

After conducting tests and necessary repairs, the engineer will put everything back in place to test if the boiler is working correctly.

After that, the engineer should inform you when your boiler doesn’t meet recommended safety standards. They should also explain all required repairs and maintenance work, including recommending new parts from a reputable manufacturer.

In addition, there is a document called a boiler service certificate that the engineer must fill out and issue to you after inspecting your home’s boiler.

This document outlines all checks and tests done, and it includes notes taken by the engineer, such as whether there’s correct gas pressure, the boiler’s flue isn’t blocked, all seals are intact, electrodes are in good condition, and pipework condition, among others.

Wrapping Up

Annual boiler service is an essential task that should be on your home’s maintenance list. By conducting regular servicing, you can detect and fix possible issues before they grow out of proportion, which can help extend the life of your boiler.

With that, consider scheduling your annual boiler service with technicians from a reputable service provider near you. Ideally, a good boiler repair company should offer round-the-clock professional consulting and support services so that you can get in touch with them at any time.

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