Are Your Home Appliances Really Making Life Easy for You?

Are Your Home Appliances Really Making Life Easy for You?

Ever since man started building homes and valuing his family, he started looking for ways in which his domestic chores could be done simply and more efficiently. Thus was born the urge to develop home appliances. Try imagining life today without washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, dish washers, and all those countless gadgets which we are so dependent on! Even when we want to spend a week at a jungle resort, we ask the reservations person whether they have a laundry, a television, a coffee maker, and so on and so on! Dependent, we certainly are!

Are Your Home Appliances Really Making Life Easy for You?
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There has been a lot of talk about machines taking over our lives, but the good thing is that the washing machines and the vacuum cleaners have freed up so much time from our daily schedule, allowing us to focus on things that are more important. But that does not mean we don’t clutter up our lives unnecessarily. If we are not the kind of people who throw parties every weekend and use up a lot of ice, the in-built freezer of our home refrigerator could be sufficient for our needs and buying an extra ice maker would only lead to more clutter at home!

The question each of us needs to ask today is whether the home appliances we have are making life easy for us or tougher. The purpose of appliances is to make life easy. If they are further complicating things, it is time for us to sit up and take note. Lots of homes have appliances that are almost unused! Our kitchen countertops are full of gadgetry and we only use the microwave, that too for TV dinners!! The rest are just glorified space occupiers!

It is time for us to take audit whether our home appliances are really making life easy for us. While some of them really are – the washing machines, the vacuum cleaners, and so on, there are some which exist with the sole purpose of making us depressed that we can’t handle them properly! By the time we master their usage, they go out of vogue, and the whole cycle begins again.

The next time you are taken over by the urge to splurge on some new appliances advertised on TV, ask yourself this very simple and honest question – Do you really need it in your home? If the answer is yes, only then go out and buy; not just because your neighbour has one!

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