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Attractive Appearance Gothic Chairs

The Gothic style began and ended in the church, and furniture that originated in the era evolved from simple parts, robust, rough with pointed arches, buttresses, moldings and columns that are in the Gothic style furniture of the last centuries.

Gothic chairs were introduced in the late period. A medieval house usually had only one chair, and was for the master or lord. It was made of oak, and evolved through the centuries from a simple chair, large and heavy in a complex piece of art carved with gargoyles, rosettes, flowers, vines and leaves.

Attractive Appearance Gothic Chairs
Attractive Appearance Gothic Chairs

Features Gothic style in Chairs

Gothic Chairs 12th Century

Stools and benches were the most used parts of the Gothic 1100. If there was a chair in a Gothic style house, which was rectangular, with a back and legs continued to arms. There may have been circular with surrounding rear seat and put the same height of the armrests. The oak chairs were rough and reflected a simpler design Gothic.

Gothic Chairs 13th Century

In the 13th century chair seats were in a polygonal shape. They were covered with embossed leather and stuffed with horsehair. Some presidents were in the form of emperor, with wooden cross to form a central headquarters. The wood was usually oak mantel. No added ornamentation.

Gothic Chairs 14th Century

In the 14th century, chairs began to be used more often. They were heavier and larger than their predecessors, and some had tents covered with bright fabrics to evoke royal thrones. The architectural influences tracery, pointed arches and carved human figures and flowers began to appear as ornaments on the chairs. This is the era of the Gothic period that became popular in periods of revival. The chair of the coronation of King Edward I (1296-1300), found in the Abbey of Westminster, is an example of the transition of Gothic in chair. Solidly built, with a sloping roof again flanked by two pinnacles. Under the seat and through two quatrefoils on each side panel is the biblical Coronation Stone.

Gothic Chairs Evangelista

In the 1700s, the Gothic period returns on furniture design in England, and by 1900 was very popular in the United States. The Victorian chairs were carved with ornaments, echoing the complexity of the original Gothic period. The style has reappeared in the 21st century and oversized chairs, ornate and heavily carved, again seen in the houses. The original oak has given way to the laminates and veneers, and size is more rudimentary and without the touch of the hand carved.

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