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8 Benefits of Hiring a Colorado Landscape Architect

Your yard, regardless of its shape and size, is likely one of the most valuable components of your home.

With a yard, you have a perfect space to spend time outdoors and also feel more closely connected to nature. Ultimately, investing in your yard is one of the best ways to improve your overall quality of life.

Landscape architecture makes it possible to blend the best of architecture with the best of landscaping.

A landscape architecture firm can help you transform your yard in countless different ways and also complete comprehensive projects that have both natural and man-made features.

In states like Colorado, which is the eight-fastest growing state in the nation, working with a landscape architect can be even more valuable.

A well-coordinated project will typically add much more value to your property than it costs to complete it, which is very beneficial for anyone living in a competitive housing market.

image - 8 Benefits of Hiring a Colorado Landscape Architect
8 Benefits of Hiring a Colorado Landscape Architect

Before deciding whether you should hire a landscape architect, it will be important to understand the different types of value they can provide.

In this article, we will discuss some of the many benefits that a landscape architect can provide, along with a few of the reasons why hiring a Colorado landscape architect will be even more beneficial.

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1. Comprehensive Projects

One of the nice things about working with a landscape architect is that, due to their familiarity with both natural and man-made features, they can create a comprehensive design scheme that accounts for every component of your yard.

Rather than hiring both a landscaper and an architect separately, these firms can sincerely offer the best of both.

Natural landscaping features can include almost anything, including gardens, ponds, rock features, trees, shrubs, and much more.

Man-made features can include things such as a fire pit, patio, deck, screened-in gazebo, and a pool. Because many yards include both types of features, you’ll want to choose a firm that is familiar with it all.

2. Local Suppliers and Contractors

By choosing a local Colorado landscape architect, you will also be able to benefit from the firm’s already existing network of suppliers and contractors.

Depending on the dynamics of your current project, there will likely be plenty of materials and possibly some sub-contracts that will need to be selected along the way.

Naturally, someone who is already established in the area and familiar with the local markets will be much more likely to find you the best deals for these things without needing to sacrifice quality.

3. Low-Maintenance, Native Gardens

When selecting plants and features for an outdoor space, two of the things you’ll need to consider are suitability and sustainability.

Not only should you choose plants that are compatible with the local environment—which is why you are unlikely to find palm trees in Minnesota—but you should think about how much maintenance will be required over time.

A landscape architect that is familiar with the local environment will be able to recommend plants that will be perfect for your specific space.

In addition to thinking about the regional climate, they will also be able to account for factors such as access to sunshine, the availability of water, and the soil that’s available in your specific yard.

Choosing native plants will help make it much easier to maintain your garden for many years to come.

4. Efficient Use of Water

Colorado, on average, is the seventh driest state which is why it will be important for residents of the Centennial State to consider their use and distribution of water.

Colorado landscape architects are familiar with just how precious water is in this state, which is why they will be especially useful for projects that involve ponds, food-producing gardens, natural pools, and even lakes.

5. Mixing Trees and Views

Throughout the state of Colorado, you will find incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. This is especially true in the front range region, which is where about 3 million (or 60 percent of) Coloradans currently reside.

While some people hesitate to install trees in their yard out of fear of obstructing their mountain views, an experienced landscape architect will know where to place the trees in order to keep the trees and the views alive and well.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Both due to necessity and to the state’s nature-connected culture, Coloradans care about projects that are environmentally sustainable.

Inevitably, a Colorado landscape architecture firm will be especially committed to ensuring that your new yard will be sustainable both throughout the course of completing the project and into the foreseeable future.

A local landscape architect will make it easy to create a model that can forecast the total carbon footprint the project will produce. In many cases, a well-designed project can actually produce a negative footprint.

7. Maximum Added Value

An ideal landscape architecture project will not only improve your general quality of life but also add measurable value to your home.

Homes with redesigned yards typically sell for much higher values and also stay on the market for a shorter amount of time.

While an out-of-state architect will be familiar with the features and ideas that can increase value, they won’t have the same pulse on the local real estate market that a Colorado firm can offer.

8. Continuous Support

Lastly, the most obvious reason for hiring a local landscape architect is that they will be able to offer continuous support over time.

Assuming your yard has living things, you will want someone with the resources to help these living things live a prosperous life.

This can include things such as winterizing (which is very important in Colorado), general maintenance, replanting, and other essential processes.

Even non-living features, such as water, brick, and wood, will also require at least some maintenance.

Conclusion – Benefits of Hiring a Colorado Landscape Architect

If you are a Coloradan looking to complete an outdoor project, you should begin by comparing the many Colorado landscape architecture firms that are currently available.

These firms will be familiar with the variables specific to your area and can help you create the yard of your dreams.

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