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Benefits of Installing Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Every kitchen needs a benchtop. A kitchen benchtop is a witness to all kitchen activity. You house your gas stove, your oven, and a lot more on the benchtop. Also, the benchtop is what one notices the first while entering the kitchen.

So, needless to say, the benchtop plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. There are mainly 2 options available to you while picking the material for your kitchen benchtop – stone benchtops or laminate benchtops.

Stone Benchtops Bentleigh
Stone Benchtops Bentleigh

Laminate benchtops may appear to be appealing with a wide range of colour and patterns that they have to offer at a lower cost.

But there are several reasons to always choose stone benchtops over laminate ones because there is a lot more to stone countertops that what meets the eye.

Benefits of Installing Stone Kitchen Benchtops

There are other options like stainless steel and timber for making kitchen benchtops, but none of those matches the glamorous look that natural stone has to offer.

There are 3 types of stone benchtops that you can choose from:

  1. Marble benchtop
  2. Granite benchtop
  3. Engineered stone benchtop

All these 3 types have unique features and appearances. But, there are some benefits that are common among all the three and those benefits are the ones that make stone the best material for kitchen benchtops.

Here is a list of all those benefits:

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  1. Easy Maintenance

Stone benchtops do not have any crevices and are smooth. Stone slabs are polished and sealed with a sealant to make it stain resistant and that makes it extremely easy to clean. Also, there are no care tips that you need to regularly follow to maintain it.

Once the stone slab is installed in your kitchen, you have to forget all about it. All you need is detergent and water to keep it clean.

  1. Heat Resistant

The benchtop is often subjected to heat while using the gas stove or while placing hot utensils on it. When this happens, the tiles or laminate benchtops are likely to crack due to this heat.

On the other hand, the stone is completely heat resistant and you do not have to worry about accidentally placing hot pans on the benchtop and damaging it.

Stone is a material that can easily sustain heat. This way, you can freely place hot pans on your benchtops and not worry about any heat marks on the stone surface.

Cheap Stone Benchtops
Cheap Stone Benchtops
  1. Scratch Resistant

The kitchen is full of sharp items such as knives, forks, etc. There are high chances of you accidentally scratching the benchtop while working.

Scratches spoil the aesthetic appeal of the benchtop. But, the stone is a durable material and thus is scratch resistant. Due to its high resistance to scratch, a stone benchtop looks as appealing as new even after years of usage.

  1. Long Lasting

Stone is a highly durable material and can last a lifetime if proper care is taken. Stone benchtops, once installed, do not scratch, chip, or get stained. Also, the stone does not get discoloured and lose its charm with the passage of time.

Thus, it becomes an ageless beauty of your kitchen. All you need to do is just clean it regularly with detergent and water and the stone will retain its shine forever.

There is a stone sealing treatment that makes the stone benchtop even more resistant to stains of strong acids and food colouring. If you get the stone sealed with that sealant while installing it, there is no chance that your benchtop will ever lose its shine.

Stone benchtops cost more than the rest of the benchtop materials, but considering the benefits that stone has to offer, it is totally worth the money spent.

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