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Everything You Need to Know About Colorbond Roof Replacement

Colorbond Roof Replacement — Colorbond roof has evolved to become one of the most preferred roofing of all-time offering superior designs and colors for every type of housing.

Much more than metal roofing, today these thermal insulated and acoustic roofs can keep unwanted noise outside. Also, it can keep the house warmer during winters and cooler in summers; preventing an exchange of heat via the roof.

Everything You Need to Know About Colorbond Roof Replacement
Everything You Need to Know About Colorbond Roof Replacement

What Made Colorbond Roof Replacement Popular?

Even since its inception, these roofs were able to make its stand in the market because of its following qualities:


Compared to any other form of conventional roofing solution, colorbond roofs are light in weight, as much as 90% lighter than tiles, which make material handling and installation a seamless process. Further, you don’t have to invest in too many components, rather lighter space rafters and battens are enough to hold the structure along with the frame.

Water Collection

You will notice that porous materials used in various roofing tend to absorb excess moisture, which in turn adds to the overall weight of the roof and thus reduces the water that would be collected from them. Such a situation will never arise when you opt for colorbond roof replacement. With these roofs, every drop of rainwater gets collected easily and stays as clean as the regular water making it fit for household usage.


The average life expectancy of colorbond roofs can range from 60-75 years based on the maintenance and repairs. Further, the damage that occurs to these roofs is relatively less than any other roofing materials. For example, you might notice that tiles tend to crack with time, exposing various parts of the roof to water damage, even walking on them can pose a risk of breakage or crack.


The hassle-free maintenance required by the colorbond roof is something that makes it the best of its kind. Simple cleaning and repainting the roofs at least once in every three years is enough to retain their appeal and strength.

Design Flexibility

The design flexibility is a major pro of colorbond roofing replacement. You can get to choose from many spectacular designs out there or customize your own depending on the style and aura of the house. Such flexibility is seldom seen in any other kind of roofing.

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How Much Does Colorbond Roofing Replacement Cost?

Like other forms of roofing, the overall cost of colorbond roofing replacement is based on various factors, and some of them are:

  • The overall area of the roof
  • The type of metal that will be used for making colorbond roof
  • The grade of metal that you choose
  • The charge of replacement services by professional roofing contractors
Colorbond Roof Replacement
Colorbond Roof Replacement

Remember: when it comes to the cost of having a colorbond roof there are two critical expenses that you have to consider, and these are: the cost of materials and professional installation services. These are discussed below:

Cost of Material

As said, the cost of material is influenced by the metal and its grade that you want to have. Experts recommend choosing superior grade materials for colorbond roofing replacement so as to experience the benefits that it has to offer. Besides the grade, even the manufacturer or supplier that you choose can have an impact on the total cost.

Colorbond Roof Installation

Once you have acquired the materials, the next part of the expense is the installation services. Contractors charge their fees based on the area where you plan to have the roofing such as a patio, house shed, pergolas or other associated structure and its size.

Want to take the roofs of your home to the next level? Then, do consider the fantastic colorbond roof replacement by skilled and qualified professionals.

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