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Commercial vs. Residential Roofing: What’s the Difference?

Whether it’s your home or your business, the building you have dreamed of needs an icing that goes the best with the cake – and that is why you need the best roofing service to get the job done.

Now before you give a roofing service that popped on your Google search results a buzz, you need to sort some things out.

image - Commercial vs. Residential Roofing What’s the Difference
Commercial vs. Residential Roofing What’s the Difference

You may think you only need to find a good service, but there is something more important and goes first – understanding your requirements and their actual scope.

In this article, we’ll talk about certain peculiarities of the designs, materials used, how accessible the materials are, the size of the material orders, labor, etc. of commercial and residential roofing services.


There’s no denying that there will always be a lot of variation when it comes to design work. There is always room for experimentation, improvement, and all kinds of add-ons.

But just as flexible as residential roofing options can be, it can also be hard to choose from such a big platter. The slopes can range from extremely steep inclines to flat; depending on the climate, aesthetics, themes, etc.

But commercial buildings are usually large and call for more levels of functionality. They are mostly either flat roofs or low-sloped ones.

While residential buildings are adorned with balusters, strong guardrails do their job for commercial buildings.

Project Duration

Once the overall design of a residential building is clear, the roofing work can be done in a short period of time if the materials, workforce, and finances are available.

When it comes to commercial buildings though, the planning stage requires a deep and extensive understanding of the whole building.

The building owner(s), subcontractors, inspectors, and almost all the parties involved may need to be coordinated to get the work in order.

And since everything including the company’s reputation is at stake, it is wiser to take the needed time to sketch things out.

But surely, if the building materials are available at hand, the workforce is experienced/skilled, the crew is big enough, and everything is well-planned, the roofing can take lesser time.

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House roofs are made of just about any building material. When it comes to design aesthetics, special needs, budget, and climate; materials like PVC, asphalt shingles, metal, wood, rubber, slate, tile, EPDM, or TPO may be used.

On the other hand, commercial construction roofs demand durability and the choice of material may depend upon the design as long as the essential structural strength is not compromised.

Material availability is also an important factor. If the required materials are locally available, it can bring down the costs and make the project duration shorter.

The materials for a residential building’s roof may be easier to source simply because of how small the order can be, as compared to a commercial building.

Cost and Labor

The roof of a house typically needs lesser materials and a smaller workforce. Such projects are hence cheaper. On the other hand, a commercial building and hence its roof takes more time to plan, execute, and manage.

As the size of the building demands it, the project may require more materials and workforce. This is the reason why the cost of getting the roofing part done is more expensive for commercial structures.

One Thing in Common – Climate Considerations

Big or small, commercial or residential; a building and its roof need to withstand all the possible climatic conditions that may come its way.

A company that is locally owned and operated would also know the weather conditions in their respective areas.

In this regard, the hail-storm threatened residents and firms of Calgary and the areas surrounding it can count on reliable roofing companies such as  Green Sky Roofing for hail damage repair, roof repairs, siding restorations, or even deck and fence installations.

So now that you know the differences and the factors to consider, would you go for Residential or Commercial Roofing Services for your project?

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