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Troubleshooting Most Common Garage Door Problems

How to Fix Garage Door: Troubleshooting Most Common Garage Door Problems — You woke up this morning and went to your garage to find that the garage door is stuck and as much as you pull or push, nothing happens.

Well, it’s definitely not the time to panic because it just might not be that big of a deal and you could fix this real quick. However, in some cases, the mechanism might be beyond repair and the best thing you could do is to contact a professional to assess the situation and recommend what to do.

How to Fix Garage Door, Troubleshooting Most Common Garage Door Problems

Here are some tips and things you can do to check this out before asking for help from a professional.

How to Fix Garage Door: Troubleshooting Most Common Garage Door Problems
How to Fix Garage Door: Troubleshooting Most Common Garage Door Problems

Check the Door

While the door is closed you can pull the emergency cord to see if it would open or close. If it doesn’t run smoothly then there’s something wrong with springs, tracks or rollers and probably not the opener.

Make sure you do this while the door is closed because if the door spring is broken then pulling the emergency cord could cause them to fall right down on you. You should unplug the opener to prevent possible injury if someone unexpectedly tries to open the door while you are concentrated on fixing them. There is also the danger of electrocuting yourself.

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The Remote is Functioning But the Wall Switch is Not

If this is the case then you maybe need to change either the wall switch or wires. You need to unscrew the switch and then connect the two wires and if you notice that opener is working then you need to get another switch.

If the opener did not run when you attempted the previous method, then you need to take a small wire and jump the two wires at a terminal of the opener, so if the opener is OK and running, then you need to replace the wire that connects the opener and the switch.

The Remote is Not Working

So this might be solved simply by replacing batteries or getting the same model of the remote in a supermarket or online.

If you can’t get any of those, then you can get a universal remote or maybe replace the receiver in the opener. This is also useful as it will update your security with new codes to prevent unwanted guests.

Door Opens Normally but to Get it Down You Need to Hold Down the Switch

This issue is connected to the sensor, so the first thing you need to check is if they are aligned. Make sure that they are both lit up when there is nothing in their way. If there is no light at all, then you need to buy new ones. This is not uncommon as they tend to break down after a couple of years.

No Sound or Light, but the Outlet is Powered

This might be happening due to a bad circuit board. Lightning strikes usually cause this kind of trouble.

You can easily replace the board by taking the cover off. Then you will see a bulb which you need to unscrew, then disconnect the switch along with safety sensor wires, then just a few screws down and you are ready to remove the board. Make sure you use a surge protector for the new one.

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Lights are Not Working

This is a similar guide as the previous one. If lights are not working, you probably need to remove the socket, which is also reached by removing the circuit board. You remove the socket by unlocking it when you press the clip that holds it, then the two wire connections need to be removed and then you are ready to install a new socket.

Make sure you are using a bulb of the same voltage. Using bulbs with higher voltage might cause sockets to break again or they could even cause afire.

Keep the Rail Lubed

This type of maintenance is a must for any kind of door opener. You can use Silicon spray as it does not soak dirt. If you live in colder parts of the country you need to use something that won’t freeze, like lithium grease.

Adjust the Chain Tension

You need to make sure that there are about ¼ to ½ inches of leeway from the chain to rail. Tightening the chain too much and vice versa might cause a lot of trouble down the road, so you need to make sure it’s set properly to ensure a long and safe use.

Make Sure the Travel of the Door is Adjusted Properly

The opener has two levers which control how far you want the door to travel up and down. Ideally, you want the door to nicely fit against the floor so the weather-stripping can do its job. If the doors travel deeper down than they should then gears and shaft will be worn out much faster. When doors go up you should make sure they travel to about the same level as the doorjamb.

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