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Comparison Between Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 Blender

The secret mantras to a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise, regular sleep schedule, and a good diet.

A good diet is really important for your body, it should be filled with proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. A good source of proteins and minerals are protein shakes, soups, and smoothies, these can be made the way you want, and are full of good stuff for your body.

image - Comparison Between Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 Blender
Comparison Between Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300 Blender

But for making these balanced diet food recipes you need an amazing blender, that can properly blend all the ingredients and give you an amazing consistency. Blenders can be used for a variety of reasons and are must-have kitchen accessories.

Today we will be discussing 2 of our best blenders Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 :

A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside, health is our biggest treasure and we should take care of ourselves and our body regularly.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for having a healthy body and a healthy mind. Being active and fit has resulted in more work productivity and make you more creative.

A fresh mind always has the best ideas and you are more energetic and enthusiastic about your work and everything else.

A healthy lifestyle can keep you away from unwanted diseases and can save you from calling in sick. It can also help you recover from depression, anxiety, or any type of addiction.

Let’s start comparing these healthy food blenders:

Vitamix 5200

This is one of the most affordable blenders available with the best features. Simple design and easy to control. It is well equipped with all safety features, like an overload shutoff, that switches off the motor to protect the device from any damage.

It has a self-cleaning mechanism as well as 10 different speed functions on its dial. It is bulky and tall and can accommodate, a good amount of load at ones.

Vitamix 5300

This is one of the efficient and affordable products, it has an amazing motor with 2.2 horsepower’s, it also has stainless steel blades, it has a simple yet elegant design.

It has a wide container and is shorter, it has many advanced features, and has overvoltage shutoff and has self-mechanism cleansing as well as the 10-speed dial.

Let us compare these products based on:

1. Storage

These both are 64 ounces and can make big batches of soups, smoothies, or juices. They have proper countertop spaces.

Vitamix 5200 is taller and can contain large batches and also Vitamix 5300 is shorter and it is wide approximately 17.5 inches.

Vitamix 5300 can fit properly in the cabinet properly, but the Vitamix 5200 is very tall, approximately 20.5 inches, and cannot be fit inside a cabinet.

2. Durability

 The 5300 is a new and advanced version, but its container is not of very good quality like that of the 5200 has a polycarbonate container that is touch and does not crack easily, whereas it might not have advanced features.

3. Motor

The 5300 has a 2.2 HP High-Performance Motor, which has the wattage of 1640 watts it provides an RPM of 37,000 RPM, whereas the 5200 has a motor of 2.

Horsepower with 1380 watts, it also has an RPM of 37,000 RPM. The 5300 produces less noise and is more powerful.

4. Additional Features

Both of these have stainless steel blades, the 5300 has a stainless steel 4-inch blade whereas the 5200 has a 4-prong hardened stainless steel blade.

Both of them has 10 dial speed setting whereas the 5300 has a pulse function which can enable smooth blending. Both of these have self-cleaning mechanisms as well as safety thermal built-in protection.

5. Price

The 5300 is a newer version but has only 2 colours available whereas there are options available in the 5200 with 3 colours.

The 5300 might be a little expensive because of all the advanced features of the product and the 5200 is an earlier version and hence it is cheaper.

Pros and Cons

1. Vitamix 5300


  • It has the pulse feature.
  • It has a 2.2 horsepower motor.
  • It has larger blades that ensure smooth blending.


  • It is very tall might not fit in the cabinet.
  • Not many options to choose from.
  • Heavier than 5200.

2. Vitamix 5200


  • It is less noisy
  • It has a 2-horsepower motor.
  • It is shorter and wider and fits easily in the cabinet.


  • It does not have a pulse feature.
  • It has smaller blades.


Both of these products are affordable and efficient and are well equipped with features and new technology.

It depends on the customer what their requirements are based on that they can choose what’s best for them.

If they want something which is affordable, compact, and not very advanced then 5200 is a good choice, if the customer wants a product with advanced technology and can afford to pay a little more than 5300 is a good choice for them.

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