The Da Vinci Dresser and Changer combo unit is a three-drawer storage solution with a built-in changing surface on the top. The unit comes with a 1-inch thick foam changing pad and safety straps and is available in cherry, oak and ebony.

Da Vinci Dresser: Review of the Da Vinci Changer and Dresser Combo
Review of the Da Vinci Changer and Dresser Combo


The Da Vinci Dresser and Changer combo unit typically retails for about $330, and though that’s not extortionate, it’s certainly enough for nursery furniture. Most future parents might find the price tag a little high for a piece of furniture that will only be used for a couple of years.

However, because the changer also has a built in dresser, frugal parents can simply remove the changing pad and continue to use the dresser storage for years ahead – making the unit a little bit more reasonable in price.


The outside of the Da Vinci combo unit is made from solid pine wood and no fiberboard, particle board or plywood is used in its outer construction. The total-wood construction gives the unit a higher-end look and feel which instantly take it from cheap children’s furniture to high-end heirloom status.

However, despite their claims that the unit is made from solid pine, particle board is used in the drawer construction and bottom interior panel. Customers looking for a solid wood construction may want to look elsewhere.


The changing pad provided is an inch thick and often considered thin or flimsy by many mothers. While suitable and definitely thick enough to do the job, buyers may want to consider investing in a different changing pad or make their own.

The safety strap meets all safety standards, is properly placed and does a good job of holding baby in without pinching, scraping or hurting the infant.

Ease of Installation

The Da Vinci Changer and Dresser combo unit was fairly easy to pot together. All the hardware was in the box, holes were pre-drilled and the instructions were easy to follow. In total, the installation process took about an hour. However, because the interior drawer pieces are made from particle board, assemblers should be careful not to crack or break the pieces during installation.

Final Word

Overall, the Da Vinci Dresser and Changer combo unit is a reasonable pick for a family that has a limited amount of space and needs a basic unit that can do double duty. However, for the price ($330) and the fact that the unit is not made from solid wood, consumers may want to either wait until this goes on sale or look elsewhere.