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5 Design Ideas for Pet-owners Staying at Home

Quarantine and self-isolation mean staying at home most of the time. Those current restrictions due to the pandemic have an impact on both humans and their pets who provide us with emotional support these days.

While it can be an anxious time for everybody it is important to extract something positive in the new reality and transform challenges into opportunities.

image - 5 Design Ideas for Pet-owners Staying at Home
5 Design Ideas for Pet-owners Staying at Home

Since we’re committed to adapting to a new lifestyle (at least for some time).

It’s a great chance to decorate your house so that not only you feel more comfortable sharing a space with a furry one, but also your pet benefits from those new ideas as well.

We’ve pulled together some simple design ideas on how you can make your home even more pet-friendly without much effort.

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Remodel Your Kitchen a Bit

Keep calm. We’re not going to make you paint your cabinets a fresh coat, or revamp your backsplash. What we are suggesting is to add several pet-friendly kitchen features.

  • Feeding area:

Almost every pet owner knows how messy a pet’s feeding area can be. While some pets eat carefully and do not throw their food all over the place, others are really messy eaters!

First, consider a feeding area – preferably in the kitchen.

Make sure the feeding area is surrounded by hard surfaces such as lino or tiled floors and avoid carpeted surfaces.

Secondly, use bowls that are larger and deeper than the volume of food that they are going to contain, as shallow bowls will likely lead to food being dropped out of them, and – more mess! The same goes for water bowls.

To minimize mess, you can also placemats not only under but also around the pet bowl.

  • Gates:

Sometimes, pet parents don’t want their pets in the kitchen. If you’re one of those people, use pet gates to keep your pets out of spaces they’re not supposed to be.

We recommend you install a swinging gate or half door. Such a solution can keep pets out of the kitchen when you’re cooking, for example.

image - Gates

  • Storage:

In most cases, pet food bags don’t match kitchen decor at all. Rather than pushing them into a corner, consider putting a deep drawer near the pet bowls to use for pet food storage.

If you already have something you can use, you can do some minor repair work, strip old paint or stain it.

Choose Fur-free Upholstery

If you suffer from pet’s fur all over your home, consider changing fabrics that are a magnet for pet furlike velvet, velour, chenille, mohair, etc.

Smooth tapestry, leather, or synthetic fiber is a much better option. Choose a fabric that is stain-resistant and has been built for active usage.

Pay attention to the following fabrics when buying:

  • Leather: Doesn’t pick up hair easily, while the smooth surface makes it easier to clean up the mess without staining.
  • Denim or canvas: Durable and easy to clean.
  • Crypton: Resistant to stains and odors.
  • Ultrasuede: It’s not penetrable by claws, easy to clean (machine washable), and it doesn’t retain odors, making it one the most pet-friendly fabrics on the market.

image - Fur-free Upholstery

For pet owners, it’s better to avoid:

  • Linen and silk: Tough to protect and clean, it’s easily hooked by claws.
  • Wool: Tough to clean.
  • Chenille: It can be completely destroyed by claws (cat claws in particular).
  • Tweed: Durable, but hard to get the fur out from, as the fabric traps hair easily, making it a huge pain to clean.

Choosing a fabric, try to match its color with the pet’s fur color. It’s a practical choice because the hair they leave behind won’t be as visible.

A patterned fabric maybe also more suitable than a solid color in terms of visibility of pet hair. Investing in quality textiles that will withstand the test of your pet’s teeth and claws definitely make sense.

Put Washable Fabrics on Your Bed

If your pet is allowed to sleep with you, accidents can take place. Protect your mattress from potential excrement or retch by covering it with a thick pad.

Use cotton bed sheets, preferably in a neutral color that can hide the pet hair and stains between washings.

Buy duvet covers, if you don’t have ones, as they work especially well for people with pets – you can take them off and wash them regularly.

Create a Designated Play Space for Your Pet

A pet with energy to burn can be a handful. A secret to well-behaved pets is making sure they have enough space to blow off steam.

That’s why the furry one needs its place at home to play. However, letting your restless little friend run riot around the whole house means chaos everywhere.

image - Create a Designated Play Space for Your Pet

Although pets certainly need to play fetch and roll around excitedly, there are some house areas that should be off-limits. A great solution to consider is a dedicated indoor playroom.

Creating a designated play space that will be the only suitable area for your pet to play and enjoy their time is a great choice for pet parents who value cleanliness and tidiness.

You can decorate this particular space with some treat-releasing balls or puzzle toys stuffed with treats. You can also leave a mat for your pet to relax on.

Looking for dog fence ideas? Follow the given link.

Remodel an Entrance Space to a Mudroom Sanctuary

Imagine you’re coming back from a fabulous walk with your pet, exploring the streets and parks. The door to your beautiful home opens and your furry one breaks in and runs right to your sofa.

Ten seconds later this little monster with muddy paws is already on your couch… dirty muddy couch.

If you don’t want to allow this nightmare to happen, create a mudroom – install an entryway door to have an entrance space where you’ll be able to dry off and wash down your pet before it can enter the home.

Store a broom and dustpan, a small mop, cleaning wipes for cat, paper towels, and other cleaning essentials in a cupboard at this entrance to keep the area harmoniously tidy.

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