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The Differences Between Wood and Laminate Flooring | Which to Use in Your Home

There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up the perfect flooring for your home. The choices you make may vary depending on the looks you are interested in.

You may even want to create a different atmosphere from room to room! From engineered wooden flooring to simple laminate flooring, there are a few crucial differences in some of the most popular options on the market.

Therefore, before you invest any of your own money, it’s worth taking a look and comparing between them.

Wooden flooring can also be restored by the use of a floor sander or some varnish. Here’s our quick guide to help you.

Image - The Differences Between Wood and Laminate Flooring
The Differences Between Wood and Laminate Flooring

What is Wooden Flooring?

Wood flooring, or wooden flooring, is made from hardwood. As you’d expect, this comes 100% off a tree! Therefore, if you are looking for an authentic, wooden look for your home, you may choose this system as a first option.

It’s extremely durable and providing you resurface it every so often, you are likely to expect a long and happy experience.

What’s more, wood flooring looks can vary a lot – it all depends on the type you opt for! Engineered wooden flooring, is popular as it means you can take advantage of a bespoke installation.

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What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is different from hardwood in the sense that it is manmade. Laminate is an option for those who may like the look of a wooden floor, but who may not be completely sold on its benefits.

Laminate flooring is made from fibreboard and arrives with full protection against moisture and other concerns. Therefore, it is surprisingly durable.

It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, on the whole, which makes it instantly appealing to busy homeowners!

Which is Better – Wooden Flooring or Laminate Flooring?

This really is going to vary on a number of factors! Right away, the main benefit of using laminate flooring is the fact that it is more affordable than pure wood. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

However, many people prefer authentic hardwood for the look. What’s more, there tends to be a lot of variety in hardwood – providing you look after it, wooden flooring can last for years and years to come.

However, it may take some work. Some people feel that laminate can look too cheap and too quick – whereas authentic wood gives off an enduring, natural appeal that’s hard to mimic.

What’s Best For You?

This is just a quick overview of wooden flooring and laminate flooring. Your own needs and budget may vary, which means there really is no right or wrong answer.

In many cases, laminate flooring will work best in high-traffic areas. In other cases, wooden flooring may look great in quiet rooms and spaces.

The best thing to do is to look at all the options available, and to get in touch with a flooring expert if you have any burning questions or issues!

So, whether you are looking to go for laminate flooring or wood, Floor Sanders Hire has you covered. Call us today on 0208 427 6604 or visit our contact page for more details.