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Dispensaries Design 2020: Top Things to Know

It is no longer news that the legal use of marijuana has become quite popular in recent years. It is only a matter of time before it becomes full-blown at the federal level. The industry is gaining traction, and now is the time to start making profits from it.

Besides, dispensaries are now popping up every day. Statistics show that only in 2019, there were over 25,000 cannabis businesses in the United States.

image - Dispensaries Design 2020: Top Things to Know
Dispensaries Design 2020: Top Things to Know

If you want to launch yourself into the cannabis business, you need to have a top-notch dispensary design. Never underestimate the importance of a good design strategy if you want to be above your competitors.

Gone are the days where marijuana shops are hard to find. A new set of designers and architects now cater to the marijuana business by creating a look and feel that will enhance customers’ experience.

As a business owner, your space should be attractive to every customer. Cannabis retail owners need to be strategic about designing their space and creating a vibe that will suit their business brand. Well, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about dispensary design in 2020.

1. Research Competitors in Your Area

It is understandable if you are tempted to jump in and start making profits. Since it is a new business endeavor, you should wait and do a bit of research. It would help if you considered a lot of details before opening a successful cannabis dispensary.

The first step is doing a lot of research about your competitors. Are there well-known dispensaries in your locality? What do their designs look like? Go ahead and check them out before designing your store.

Be polite when you visit and also ask questions.

Try to be objective and check out the characteristics that suit their store and the ones that don’t. You can now take that information with you to your drawing table. Tweak those necessary details to confirm with the needs of your dispensary.

2. Be Creative with Your Brand

Your brand should leave a good impression at all times. Everyone will always remember their first experience at a dispensary. Every customer that walks through your door should feel welcome. This is what makes your business unique.

While trying to be creative, consider the demographic of your city and the kind of style that will suit your target customer base.

For example, should you go country aesthetic, modern and sophisticated or rustic? Your design should be a style that resonates with your brand.

If your brand is more of a professional and medical setting, it would be awkward to have rap music blasting through speakers in your store, art on your walls, and some dim lighting.

But if your brand is titled towards a recreational dispensary market for younger folks, it would be ideal

Be consistent with your design process. This will make you stand out in your geographic location. You should also keep the following tips in mind:

  • An uncluttered space is very inviting
  • Neat displays make it easier to see your products
  • Your store must align with all your customers
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Simple, clean, and sleek design helps to enhance the pleasant customer experience.

3. Your Design Must Include a Waiting Area

There is no doubt that your interior design contributes to a customer’s loyalty. If you want to make giant sales, every detail is important while building a positive reputation.

Aside from impressing your customer on a visual level, their comfort is also a crucial factor. Your space must be appealing and also accessible to all your customers.

This means that you have to consider all kinds of persons that walk through your door. Many dispensaries don’t remember to include a waiting room in their overall design.

If most of your customers have to sit in uncomfortable chairs for up to thirty minutes before they access your products, they will not be impressed.

While ensuring you deliver a high-quality experience, have a comfortable waiting room. Furnish it with comfy chairs and provide some means of entertainment too.

This way, visitors buying a THC detox kit will be more likely to leave a positive review about their visit to your dispensary.

4. Go Digital with Orders

You need to know that you have to do everything it takes to be the best store in your area. Experts suggest that the cannabis industry has gone mainstream, and it will continue to experience huge growth in forthcoming years.

This is why you should look beyond your physical store. You can offer online orders with your business.

Though there are legal restrictions and it won’t be easy to ship the products straight to your customers. The solution is they will have to visit the dispensary to get their purchase.

image - Go Digital with Orders

But you can make the process seamless and easy by creating an express checkout line. This will ultimately encourage your target consumers who know what they want to make more online orders.

Consequently, your sales associate will have more free time to engage guests who need their attention.

5. Seek Professional Advice

After reading to this point, you should already have a good grasp of how you want to go about your dispensary design. If you are still struggling, you can seek advice from professionals and outsource the design to a contractor.

There are tons of companies out there who specialize in designing dispensaries. If you are ready to invest money and you don’t have the luxury of time, this is a good option.

image - Seek Professional Advice

You will end up with a cool modern design. However, the best thing is creating a design of your own. Most companies miss out on important factors because they are not the ones dealing with the customers.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed if you are just starting out. The market is competitive, and you cannot afford to waste time and resources on trial and error designs.

These tips will help you get it right. With the right layout, friendly display, cool ambiance, and proper design, your dispensary will be the first choice above your competitors.

Author Bio:

Mary Walton is a professional editor, content strategist, and a part of the gahmj team. Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook.

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