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DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing

DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing — Who says hiring expensive interior decorators and spending a fortune on the décor is the only way to make your house beautiful? If you have just a little bit of money and a fair bit of time on your hands, you can easily make your house look amazing!

DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing

DIY projects are all the rage with people who have a knack for decorations. You can use common household items or cheap festoons like ribbons, yarn, beads, etc. to adorn your house with beautiful decorative items! Here are just a few ideas to get your mind running:

DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing
DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing

Pattern your own Tiles

Are there any bland, simple, boring tiles in your house? You can totally amp them up on your own terms! All you need is paint (Acrylic paint, spray paint, anything), Stencil, and a varnish to seal it up!

Now, there are many fancy stencils available everywhere in the market; but if you feel that none of those stencils meet your standards, you would be happy to know that you can make your own stencils as well! All you need is some thick construction paper, a pencil, and a pair of scissors. Just draw the pattern of your choice on the construction paper and cut it out with the scissors.

You can then paint on all your tiles and make your house look superb!

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Peel and Stick Tiles and Floors

Do you know how conveniently you can make your house dazzle nowadays? They have actually introduced peel-and-stick tiles and floors! And no, they aren’t paper stickers that can easily get ruined. They are actual tiles and floors, made of ceramic, marble or whatever, that you can stick anywhere you want to in your house!

They will make much of your house waterproof as well.

Make your Own Light Fixtures

I firmly believe that by improving the lighting in your house, you can totally make it go from nay to yay. You can make a light fixture easily by installing a couple of light bulbs together on a metallic sheet on the wall. Then you can install this whole thing above an area where you want maximum lighting.

You can even make your own lampshades. For example, I am totally feeling the lampshade they make with jute yarn and a balloon. I’m sure you have seen it online. Even if you haven’t a simple Google search will take you right to it!

Build your Own Shelves

I also believe that shelves are amazing. They can organize your entire house in such a simple yet elegant way. And I also believe that there is no such thing as too many shelves.

Build your Own Shelves - DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing
Build your Own Shelves (DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing)

You can go to IKEA or any other store or flea market to buy pre-made shelves and install them on your own. Then you will need some tools handy like nails, screws, hammer, screwdriver, and of course, good portable drills.

You can also make your own shelves. It’s really easy. You can make shelves for holding lightweight objects using cardboard. When you layer up cardboard sheets on top of each other, you can strengthen it up a lot. You can even use corrugated cardboard sheets for extra strength for the shelves. You can also use wooden planks for making shelves, even though it is slightly harder work. Either way, shelves for the win!

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Paint the Walls

Whenever I have too much time on my hands and I want to do a quick makeover of the house without thinking too much, I just paint the walls. And I don’t just mean change the color of the walls to something different. I actually mean like show your artistic capability on the walls.

You can pattern the walls in your house the same way we talked about patterning the tiles. Use a stencil for it! You don’t have to repeat the pattern like you did on the tiles either, you can cut out one big stencil and pray the walls up! I remember doing graffiti on the walls of my room like this once. Got compliments from all my friends!

Alternatively, you can even experiment with different textures on the walls. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet for this!

Paint the Walls - DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing
Paint the Walls (DIY Project Ideas That Will make your House Look Amazing)

Lastly, if you really want to rile your artistic side up, you can use one side of the wall and make it into an entire art piece, like a landscape painting or an abstract work. A little risky, but this usually makes a good impact.

…Or Anything Else!

You can seriously paint anything in your house to give it a brand-new look. This includes cabinets, shelves, fans, staircase, anything!

Although you must remember to not make a hodge-podge of colors and patterns, these things are best left simple.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that to paint these things, preparation is key. Look up the different primers and finishers you will need for each surface.

Frame Your TV

Have you ever heard of this before? A Television frame? It might sound odd but it will give your moving picture box a whole new appeal. Install a wooden frame around it, it can be super simple too, no need to fancy it up either.

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Make a Picture Wall

I believe that picture walls hold a classic appeal. They are so simple and yet so elegant. Also, the memories associated with each picture are really impactful.

That being said, it doesn’t even have to be a wall of photographs of you and your loved ones. You can use this wall to show off your photography skills if you have a knack for photography!

You can even frame a couple of your paintings and hang them up on this wall if you think you are really good at painting! The possibilities are endless.

Use Fairy lights Wherever Possible

Fairy lights have taken over the world again. You can do so much with them. Frame your picture wall with them. Light them up in mason jars or just hang them above your bed!

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