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Inexpensive and Creative DIY Party Chair Covers

If you’re hosting a party or formal affair and desire an extra special touch for your guest’s seating, you’ve come to the right place for cheap DIY chair covers for party ideas. Keep reading to learn how to create your own party chair décor.

Introduction: DIY Upholstery Chair Covers

Cheap DIY upholstery chair covers don’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time to set up. There are so many choices depending on how much time and money you want to invest.


The most common way to decorate your folding chairs for a party is to use fabric to cover the chair. This can be more expensive than other alternatives, but will also make the chair look more stylish and be more comfortable for guests.

Decorating with fabric will also require a significant investment of your time if you plan to sew the covers yourself. No-sew ideas for party chair covers would be to use pillowcases instead of fabric off the bolt. You’ll save time, but probably not money.

Fabric - DIY Upholstery Chair, Inexpensive and Creative DIY Party Chair Covers
Fabric (DIY Upholstery Chair)


If you’re looking for a more elegant and feminine look, say for a bridal shower, lace is a nice choice. Buy it off the bolt or in ribbon form and wrap it around the chair for a delicate touch.

Ribbons and Bows

Scout dollar stores or bargain bins for large ribbons and twist them onto the backs of the chairs or let them hang down like streamers for some cheap party chair covers. You can also make your own bows by purchasing spools of ribbon with your logo and fashioning your own. You will also want some wire or twist ties, which you’ll use to secure them to the chairs.

Ribbons and Bows - DIY Upholstery Chair Covers
Ribbons and Bows (DIY Upholstery Chair Covers)

Seasonal Inspirations

For a seasonal look, try attaching flowers to the back and or sides of the chair with wire or ribbon. If its fall, you can think about using garland made of artificial leaves. For winter you might want to consider evergreen garland or icicle garland. If you are on board with the seasonal theme, check out your local craft store and you’re sure to be inspired by what is available to you.

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Wreaths for DIY Upholstery Chair

Fasten homemade or purchased wreaths onto the backs of chairs with wire and after the event, each guest will have a keepsake to take home with them to remember the moment by. Make wreaths from premade forms available at craft stores, or fashion your own from twigs, evergreen branches, straw, etc.

Use items in the wreath that will enhance the theme of the party. For a baby shower add baby pacifiers, a bottle, a baby spoon, booties, and so on. For a princess, the theme uses lots of glittery ribbons, a magic wand or crown, bows, and more.

Wreaths - DIY Upholstery Chair Covers
Wreaths (DIY Upholstery Chair Covers)


Fill balloons with helium and attach several to each chair with ribbon or string.

Balloons (DIY Upholstery Chair)
Balloons (DIY Upholstery Chair)

Crepe Paper

Wrap each chair with one or more colorful rolls of crepe paper that match the theme you are using for your party.

Wrapping Bows

There are so many choices when it comes to wrapping presents where bows are concerned. Pick up a bag of bows for wrapping or a handful of fancy bows and place them on each chair for a festive touch.

Bows - DIY Upholstery Chair
Bows (DIY Upholstery Chair)

Contact/Wrapping Paper

Contact paper or wrapping paper can be used to liven up folding chairs. This cheap DIY Upholstery Chair for party chair cover idea can be used in conjunction with the balloons and bows to look like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Wrapping Paper - DIY Upholstery Chair
Wrapping Paper (DIY Upholstery Chair)

Peel and Stick Vinyl Wall Stickers

Most retail and craft stores have a peel and stick wall stickers that would work well for cheap DIY upholstery chairs for party chair covers. They come in packs of multiple designs and are very quick and easy to adhere to and remove. When you’re done, you can move them into your child’s room, use them for holiday decorating or save them for a future party.

Vinyl Wall Stickers - DIY Upholstery Chair
Vinyl Wall Stickers (DIY Upholstery Chair)

Plastic Table Covers

Cut up and use those plastic table covers instead of fabric. You’ll save money and time if you look at the dollar stores for great bargains and you’ll eliminate any sewing, which will save oodles of time! Tie them on by using ribbon, balloons, or a sash.

Foam Letters

If you’re having a smaller part you might consider purchasing foam letters to spell the names of each guest. Hang them from the back of the chair with ribbon and each guest will know where they should sit. After the party, they can take the letters home. For a personalized touch, decorate the letters with glitter, gems, or stickers that help represent the theme of your party.

Coloring Pictures

Print pictures or use pictures from coloring books that correspond to your party theme and color them. Tape them to the backs of all the chairs and you’ll have a variety of images that help incorporate your theme into the party. If this is a children’s party, let each guest color and decorate their own chair and take them home after the party.


For a smaller family affair, use photos to show each member of your family where to sit. You can make frames from construction paper or Popsicle sticks if you’re feeling extra creative and when your party is over, everyone has a token to take home with them to remember the party by. Use magnets to attach them to the backs of the chairs. If you cannot find magnets, the tape should do the trick as well.

Wrapping Up

Making your own cheap DIY Upholstery Chair for party chair covers is a great way to eliminate the costs of renting or buying pre-made products.

Cheap DIY upholstery chair for party chair covers also help add extra style, comfort, and personalized touch to the party and can help enhance the theme for all your guests. Some even become keepsakes after the party is over. Next time you have a party, consider one of these options and have a great time planning and executing your special event.

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