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Don’t Toss Those Thing In The Trash. Reuse & Recycle Them For Your Garden

For too many years we never thought about what we were tossing in the trash to be hauled away. Even when it was required to separate our garbage we still tossed the same things, just separated them.

One we started home gardening in our backyard and vegetable gardening I started thinking about how to use some of the stuff we would normally throw away.

Don’t Toss Those Thing In The Trash. Reuse & Recycle Them For Your Garden
Don’t Toss Those Thing In The Trash.

I started keep things like milk and juice cartons. I now use them to start seeds for our vegetable garden and flower gardens.

You can see in the image top left that I have been collecting a few things to reuse, recycle or repurpose for so they don’t go to the local landfill.

First I used the milk cartons to start seeds we would later transplant around the yard and in the veggie garden. And have since started our indoor herb garden using the milk cartons. They fit really well on the windowsill.

Below Are Some Stuff We Recycle And Reuse

  1. We have juice and milk cartons made of cardboard. I have been using them for my indoor herb garden as well as for starting seeds that will eventually be transplanted into our gardens.
  2. We don’t use many plastic pop bottles but we do like having a pop with our Friday night pizza. Now we will be using them to help drainage in the bottom of our larger containers.
  3. The cardboard pizza boxes add up to and I use them to lay on the grass when we start new garden beds. They help to keep the lawn from growing through the new beds.
  4. I drink coffee and keep the plastic bottles which I am planning to use to create a vertical garden strawberries patch or herb garden.
  5. We both have meds we need to take for health reason. I like to use the empty bottles to store the seeds I collect from our gardens.
  6. Even yogurt containers get reused as pots to start seeds in.
  7. The pine cones get used for crafts at Christmas but also work great in the bottom of pots to help keep the drainage holes clear of dirt.
  8. Our son has moved out on his own but left a bunch of his old shoes and boots. They will make great looking planters. Maybe Jenny can use a pair for her petunias.

I hope this little post helps get your creative juices flowing and you will start reusing or repurposing some of the trash that usual goes to the dump or landfill.

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