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Earth For Energy: Building a Solar Panel on Your Own

What is renewable energy?   Renewable energy is energy that one can get from nature like sunlight, wind, water and geothermal heat. It is abundant and there is a constant supply of it. If properly harnessed and utilized, renewable energy can actually be the only answer in trying to save the dying environment, as it will greatly decrease the world’s dependency on energy sources that cause pollution.
Earth For Energy: Building a Solar Panel on Your Own
Building a Solar Panel on Your Own

This is what Earth 4 Energy is trying to put in people’s minds. Everybody talks about going green, recycling, saving, preserving, and conserving earth’s resources, but only a handful of these people actually go out and do something about it. In fact, Earth 4 Energy’s motto is “The future is green.” Well, the future is green indeed — if everyone learns how to use renewable energy and how to build a solar panel.

Solar energy is the cheapest and most efficient type of energy. And although the technology to harness this solar energy has been available as early as in 1776, still there are only approximately 120,000 solar panel installations across the United States. Why is that? The reason is that many Americans do not think seriously about using solar energy and learning how to build a solar panel because of the costs involved. At present, it would cost a regular household somewhere around $200,000 to $300,000 to be able to become energy-independent.

This is where Earth 4 Energy becomes a big help. They are teaching people that being more involved in the process of making their own solar panels will make it more cost-effective for them. Aside from that, think of how much one household can actually save in electric bills once the occupants have seriously given solar panels a try.

Earth 4 Energy has taken the first important steps in making this technology readily available to anyone who truly cares. They have provided the tools and the step-by-step, simple guide for everyone. The world would be a much better place if more people made use of this helpful information they provide.

Building a Solar Panel on Your Own

If what you want is a lower electricity bill and more value for your money, building a solar panel is absolutely a great idea. It can cut at least 30 percent of your monthly cost (depending on how many panels you have) and could also help you save Mother Nature. In this article, let’s learn more about solar panels and how helpful they could be.

First off, you need to understand that solar panels are not always ridiculously expensive. There are some DIY solar kits which cost about $200 each and could be installed on your own (or with little help from a friend). These kits are available in shops both online and offline.

A solar power home kit is typically composed of photovoltaic cells, sheet glass, copper wires, plywood, switches, fuses, a power inverter, a grounding system, and a mounting structure. Of course, it also comes with a detailed instruction on how to set up the system properly.

Building a solar panel would typically last from one to three days. Along the way, you may have to pay for a few associated costs but they are certainly not much. To have a good estimate, you can ask the help of the store owner where you intend to buy the system from.

To power your whole house, it is important to have enough space for anywhere between 10 and 12 solar panels (approximately 100 square feet). When the weather is generally sunny, your solar power system can generate about 1,600 kWh of energy every year. If the weather is always cloudy, you can still create as much as 750 kWh.

Kilowatt-hour (kWh) is also the measuring unit for solar energy. One kWh is equivalent to 1,000 watts. If you want to use a light bulb which runs on 100 watts for ten hours, then you would need one kWh for that.

The great thing about solar power is it’s not only for lights. This energy can also be used in cooking food, heating water, running the home cooling or heating system, running cars, and even running buses too. Solar batteries have made this energy so versatile that it can already be used everywhere, anytime.

There are many other great things about building a solar panel in your home. For example, through it, you can harness renewable energy. Compared to the conventional type of energy, a solar power system does not require the use of fossil fuels like petrol, crude oil, coal, diesel, and kerosene. All it needs is sunlight. Having said that, you can also conclude that this system is safer because it does not harm the environment. Its procedure for creating energy is very natural.

When building a solar panel, you just have to make sure that the system comes from a reputable retailer. This way, you can be assured of quality materials. The store owner should also be willing to assist you with your other needs. After all, building a solar panel can be a lot easier if you have a comprehensive guide and an available expert for consultation.

Is Building a Solar Panel a Good Idea?

Building a solar panel for home use can be one of the most fantastic ideas you could ever come up with.  This is especially true if you have been thinking of ways on how cut on expenses and save more.  Although the project would initially demand some capital, it can certainly be worth the investment. 

It’s a long-term solution for the energy crisis — You may already be aware that conventional energy is produced through the use of fossil fuels.  Although the world is rich in natural resources, it is not a secret that these resources are depleting fast too.  Thus, this means that someday, somehow, the world would eventually face an energy crisis.  A wonderful alternative so that we won’t have to face this problem is by using solar energy.  The sun is not going anywhere and it could be a generous source of energy for as long as we want.  It’s free and renewable.  What could be better than that?

  • It has zero carbon footprint — Solar panels can create energy without emitting any harmful chemicals or fumes that can increase the carbon footprint which the earth is suffering from.  If  building a solar panel could help you save the earth, won’t you do just that?
  • It lasts long — The photovoltaic or PV cells used in solar power systems can last for several decades.  Some of the very first ones which were created in the 1970s are still functioning now, so you can imagine how long-lasting the new ones would be!
  • It requires low maintenance — Contrary to what others may think, maintaining a home solar power system is not taxing.  It does not have any moving parts so there’s practically nothing much to check or expect to get broken. All you have to do is monitor and clean it once in a while.  As some debris may fall into the panels, you just have to take them out so light can be harnessed more efficiently.
  • It gives you independence – Building a solar panel gives you some sort of independence because you no longer fully depend on the electricity from the grid.  In fact, if you find the home solar system very efficient and you wish to be totally independent, you can do it by simply adding some more panels that will supply all your electricity needs.  When you manage to do this, you won’t have to be affected by the rising utility costs charged by power companies.

These are some of the great benefits of building a solar panel. As you have noticed, they are not only on a personal or financial level; they are global too!  It does not only help you save money in paying monthly utility bills but also enables you to help the environment and preserve it in your own little ways. Obviously, building a solar panel can indubitably be one of the best home projects you could ever embark in.

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