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6 Necessary Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your House Safe

Electrical accidents take many lives each year. These fires/ accidents can be prevented by just being cautious and in order to assure safety step one is to be aware of really easy and small facts about our electrical uses.

It helps prevent any possible damage and keeps your loved ones safe and at the same time following these few tips will give you resting peace of mind, knowing that even when you are away you have provided your family a secure atmosphere.

Taking caution is the best choice because being cautious and preventing something bad from happening is better than dealing with the situation when the damage is already done. But in case of an emergency, you can always get help from your local 24/7 electrician Melbourne.

6 Necessary Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your House Safe
6 Necessary Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your House Safe

Just a little more effort can save you from a greater loss. Here, we will be talking about the small details that we never knew we needed to be aware of. The easy tips to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe.

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Keep in Check That Your Smoke Alarm Works

If you haven’t checked your smoke alarm in a while make sure you check that it still works, get it inspected by a local electrician if you are unable to understand but make sure fine every single day.

We never know when an alarming situation could come up so make sure it is working alright.

If you don’t remember when the last time you changed the batteries then it is time that you do now and if you think there is some problem then get it replaced immediately.

Electrical Hazards Need to Be Fixed Immediately

If you have come across any electrical hazard, make sure you attend to it immediately. The best way to deal with hazards is to prevent them.

If there is a plug, outlet, or switch that needs to be replaced or repaired, get it done immediately. Don’t leave it hanging. It could get worse and become a reason for an explosion.

And if it is an appliance make sure you get it repaired or removed so it does not cause any more damage.

Also, it is very important that you get a licensed electrician Melbourne to get the job done because if you try to do it yourself there is a risk you might cause more damage.

Make Sure Liquid and Electricity Don’t Come in Contact

Water is a great conductor of electricity. Make sure you keep liquid and electrical appliances as far away as possible. Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands. Make sure all the appliances or devices are away from the water sources.

Do not put water jugs near any outlet. We often put hairdryers close to the sink in the bathroom, make sure it is at a safe distance.

Do not fill your steam kettle with water when it is plugged in.

Look Out for Damaged Electrical Cords

Keep an eye out for any damaged electrical cords. Repair the cords or replace them as needed. Damaged cords are a serious residential risk, these are capable of causing fires, and serious electric shocks to a human body.

 Also do not put power cords under the rug or under the furniture because putting the cords under a rug can cause you to trip and also the cords will overheat easily and putting the cords under furniture can cause cuts and damage the cord insulation.

Unplug Unused Appliances

One of the simplest ways to keep the house safe is to develop the habit of unplugging the appliances that are not in use. It might be one of the most common ways but it is also forgotten quite often.

This does not only save you from any electrical accidents but it also helps save your power by reducing phantom drain.

Unplugging the appliances keeps them safe from overheating or power surges. We often forget to unplug the appliances after use but just a little more diligence can keep your home safe.

Do not use Damaged or Old Appliances

If any appliance seems damaged or its wires are exposed don’t use it. Remove it from the plug, get it inspected by an expert to figure out if it can be repaired and used again and if it’s safe for reuse.

If it isn’t safe to turn off the power from the main supply and then remove it. Exposed wires can be really dangerous and should be handled with great care.