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Everything New Again! The Trends for Decorating Your Home In 2021

Like what happened during all the 2020 celebrations, the New Year’s party should be timider and reserved only next to the most intimate. But you don’t have to break the rules to do it differently.

Since the proposal is to make everything new, again, why not decorate your house in 2021 and tear the whole year apart?

image - Everything New Again! The Trends for Decorating Your Home In 2021
Everything New Again! The Trends for Decorating Your Home In 2021

We have already commented here on the Set Aleko home improvement, the first closed condominium in the USA and Marisol region. in the interior of São Paulo.

That’s why we took the opportunity to talk to the professionals who are in charge of the projects for these homes and gather the best tips on decoration trends for 2021.

After all, you’ve spent practically the entire year indoors. Why not leave this environment fresh and ready for the amazing days to come?

Start With the Colors

First of all, we hope to be able to leave the house, hug everyone, and experience everything that was paralyzed in 2020. But if you need to stay at home, even for a little while, the tip is to decorate your house with colors that have your face and make you feel welcomed.

What’s hot:

  • Green: the paler shade is the 2021 trend and gives a more futuristic look to environments;
  • Blue: another direct reference to the technological world, this color also conveys tranquility;
  • Red: for those who want to dare and give life to different environments;
  • Yellow: only the softest and lightest tones gain space in the decor this year;
  • Grey: super high, gray is minimalist and is part of the decor palette for 2021.

Integrated environments

In 2020, with everyone at home, we learned to share spaces and value comfortable environments that allow us to connect with those we love. Learning is now an inspiration for 2021.

Decorators bet on integrated environments, which allow more circulation and convey the feeling of larger rooms. In addition, integrated spaces are more welcoming and also ensure that communication between people in the house flows better.

Another trend to decorate your home in 2021 is also a reference to what we (not) experienced during the pandemic: connection with nature.

Wood makes the environments more welcoming, and at the same time, rustic and modern. And it also guarantees a lighter, fresher decoration with a natural look. Composing spaces with flowers and plants will also be on the rise in interior design in 2021. It ranges from traditional potted plants to vertical gardens, indoors or out.

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The Wealth of Details When Decorating Your Home

If you’ve come this far and thought that time is running out and you won’t have any money left to invest in painting and room design, you have another alternative! You can change the look of your house using some simple objects that transform any environment.

Do you know those little blackboards that children used to play with? Now they are decorative objects and are great for taking notes and plans. And best of all, they’re stylish.

Do you know what the trend for 2021 is also? Clocks. But it’s not worth that boring! Choose a model that suits you: modern, minimalist, retro, colorful, or minimalist. The important thing is that it matches the room’s decor.

And if you know someone with craft gifts, time to leverage your networking. Tapestry for the wall, wooden miniatures, pendulums, and other handcrafted pieces are still on the rise to add a touch of exclusivity to your home.

What You Can’t-Miss When Decorating Your Home

Finally, whatever your home decor, it’s really important to fill every room with good energy. What we really want is to start the New Year off on the right foot and the certainty that, whatever happens, it’s up to us to decide to live an incredible year.

Check Out the Best 2021 Renovation Tips and Renovate Your House Without Breaking It

With the end of the year coming, that desire to change a few things at home so that the next one starts off on the right foot is hitting, isn’t it? So, it was with this in mind that we brought in today’s text some tips for you to renovate your little corner in 2021 in the best possible way.

In addition to practical and essential tips for moving time (such as having a defined plan and budget), some details can also be related to a great deal, such as choosing colors and coatings. Follow the text and understand better what we are talking about.

Decorating Trends for the Coming Year

Often, it is not necessary to carry out a renovation with extensive works and full of breakages to renovate an environment. In fact, when you think more deeply about the niceties the space calls for, you can change a lot just by applying a different color or texture to the wall.

Check out some of the main trends of 2021 for interior decoration below and choose the one that best fits your home!

Integration of Environments

Seeking a larger, more modern, and also cozy environment, the integration between two or more environments in a house comes with even more force in the coming year. But since no room should be the same as another, you can divide them using different tiles, such as porcelain in the kitchen and vinyl flooring in the living room.

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