Featured of How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom

How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom

How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom — Are you trying to maximize your home spaces and thinking of using the garage to make a bedroom? Why not? Converting your garage into a bedroom will take the area to its full potential, mainly if you no longer keep your car there. But the next question in mind is, how can we make it easy and inexpensive?

How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom

Read on as we’re preparing something that will help you turn your garage into a bright and cozy bedroom.

How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom

How to Brighten Up a Garage and Turn It into Another Bedroom

Sketch the Map

First things first—you have to plan for the project, as this will give you a map to where you’re going. Converting your garage will take some time and of course, may need the help of experts depending on the complexity of the project you have in mind. To start drawing the direction of your plan, you need to ask yourself some questions; take a look of some of the possible things you should consider:

  1. What is the concept of the conversion?
  2. Do I need to place another door? Where will that be situated?
  3. Is my garage door sufficient, or will I need a garage door repair service to help with insulation and repair of an older door?
  4. Will I need a bathroom?
  5. How will the heater be installed here?
  6. Who will be the builder that I should ask for help? How much will this cost?
  7. Do I need to secure a permit for the renovation?

These are a few of the questions that you need to answer to have a bigger picture of what you’re about to do. If you have the correct planning, you’ll be able to get the right people to help you execute the plan as well as the tools that you’ll need. The bottom line of planning it is to save resources such as time, energy and, most of all, money.

Seek Permission

We don’t want you to plan and execute the plan without making sure it’s not illegal to renovate your garage as an extension to your house. It would be best if you ask your local council if you require a permit for a project like this. We have to make sure that before starting the job everything is clear.  Because if you’ve bought all the tools and materials, or contacted the builder, only to find out that you’re not permitted to do so, you’ll end up being penalized for doing it illegally. This will incur money and again a waste of time, and might lead to frustration.

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Let the Project Begin

So, if your plans are set, the construction begins. Of course, this might be more than a DIY project, but at least the design will be yours. You need to ask the help of the experts, like the builder, unless you’re a carpenter yourself.

  1. You have to coordinate with the builder regarding what you want to do with the garage. Now you have two options here, either you block the garage opening or replace it with a new door instead. The door will depend on your personal preference or design, but this needs to be worked out first to make the space warmer and much more comfortable for the completion of the interior.
  2. You need to make sure that the walls are insulated since most garage walls aren’t protected. So, installation of the insulator is essential—especially for homes in colder The insulation type will depend on the condition of the current build of the garage plus your personal choice.
  3. Now for the carpentry work, place the drywall and dry the joint compound according to the instructions before sanding the wall. Make sure that it will be adequately joined to save time in the sanding and priming part of the job. Once done, clean it with cloth.
  4. Almost there, now it’s time to do the coating. Walls have to be coated with a primer, or you have a choice of painting the walls with a paint combination. The baseboards will have to wait until the floor has been installed.
  5. Finally, now it’s time for the floor work.
How to Turn a Garage Into a Bedroom

How to Turn a Garage Into a Bedroom

  • For Carpet
    • Place padding to help trap the heat, as well as cushion the floor.
  • For Tile Floors
    • Try to consider radiant heating installation underneath the tiles to keep it warm and comfy. This is another way of heating the room without the baseboards.
  • Hardwood appearance
    • You may use a snap laminate for a simple hardwood theme of your floor.

The Most Exciting Part – Decoration!

So, we’re almost there! It’s now your time to shine, decorate your room with your preferred designs. From the furniture to the wall accents make the room fabulous and inviting to live in. As long as the walls are properly insulated, you can place your bed on whichever side of the room.

Whew! You have gone a long way to get here, so I’m giving you an applause for a job well done. Turning the garage to a bright and beautiful room—with the right planning and timing can be a big thing but it’s well worth it. Are you ready to give it a go?

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