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Guide to Building Your Own Home

IT can be a daunting task building your own property from purchasing the plot of land to gaining planning permission, to undertaking all your own plumbing and building work. A lot of effort is needed to make the house into a home and many people carry out all the labour themselves to cut costs. It is possible to do your own electrics and other work if you are certified and experienced but it is always best to let a professional undertake the manual work.

Guide to Building Your Own Home
Build Me A Home

Building Own Home

One extreme example of a family building their own house involves a secret house in a valley in Surrey. The couple built the property in the woods without planning permission but could not be evicted because nobody noticed that they were living there for more than four years.

The council could have taken action because the citizens had not taken planning permission to build on the site but the home was hidden for years and no one knew they were there. Even those who were living nearby failed to observe the property and they were never acknowledged by the government because they never registered for council tax or were on the electoral roll. But the law states that they never deliberately concealed the building.

A tip to build your own house at an affordable rate is to use professional supplies, use licensed tradespeople and to verify all inspections. Have an insurance policy to cover the house while it’s under construction; and calculate all services like utilities, water and sewer or septic before you begin building to estimate the budget costs.

It pays to take into account the landscape and the house should reflect the surroundings rather than look like an eyesore. But take your time; rushing the building work will only result in shoddiness and poor quality.

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