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Types of Home Extension, Ways of Making Your Home Bigger

A home extension project is an excellent way to maximize the overall space of the property, and also adds to the resale value of the property. Many homeowners are opting for house extension projects nowadays as it helps in increasing the area in houses. Overall, homeowners need not buy or move into new houses if the home extension project is not planned properly.

Types of Home Extension

Types of Home Extension, Ways of Making Your Home Bigger
Types of Home Extension, Ways of Making Your Home Bigger

The different types of property extensions are:

A Rear or Single-story Extension

This type of extension takes up the place of one storey or is located on the side of the existing property. This type of home extensions is the most frequently used type because it can open up the house and act as a garden connector. People who opt for this type of extension usually have a garden at the rear end of the house, and often, these people don’t mind in losing some space for the sake of the home extension.

The designs vary from pitched tiled to flat-type of roofs. In spite of the pitched roof looking better and lasting longer, the homeowner needs to consider how exactly he is going to reach out to the heights for maintenance. Hence, a flat roof is a better choice when maintenance is considered.

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House Extensions Over an Existing Garage

The most important aspect that needs to be taken a proper care of is that creating a house extension over an existing garage can sometimes get risky. Consequently, the house owner has to be very careful while planning for such extensions.

If the house’s parking is located at the back of the house, an extension that contains a roof with matching lines and slopes should be used to create a terracing kind of effect.  If the garage is located at the front of the house, then it is important that the extension should be set back by 1 meter with the idea of incorporating a roof that is pitched.

Home Extension
Home Extension

Two Storey Extensions

This is yet another common type of extension. However, in many cases, this storey type depends on the approval that is provided for planning, along with the type of the property, designs, and all other situations.

The most important factor that needs to be considered is the proper ventilation that may further the entrance of light to the neighboring properties. In addition to this, the external extension should match the overall color of the house.

These designs are the different types of house extensions that are commonly used. Some people prefer a hybrid of the kind of designs that have been discussed above. The key point to note is that these extensions are becoming popular and had gained immense popularity.  There are some advantages that extensions offer to homeowners, and some of the benefits that we must note are:

Saving Time Money

A huge deposit need not be put in to get a new house if a home extension is being planned. In addition to this, the homeowner can save a lot of time while planning for a home extension rather than a new home.

Making It an Own Home

Rather than buying a new home or a new flat, a home extension can be personalized to the liking of the homeowners. Also, everyone living in the house can provide inputs on how the extension should look like. This will help in overall customer satisfaction, too.

Finally, it is imperative to understand that home extensions provide the perfect opportunity to create the home of dreams. The other places where home extensions can be planned include a new bigger bedroom, a new kitchen, or a new room for the kids. All these things show that home extensions are exciting elements that will add a lot of aesthetic value to the entire house.

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