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Home Remodeling Trends for 2021

The lives of a number of people changed dramatically during the past year. Most families spent much more time at home adapting their spaces to fit needs for office, school rooms, and gyms.

The trend of staying home doesn’t seem to be going away. Many people have decided to remodel portions of their homes to best serve their changing needs.

image - Home Remodeling Trends for 2021
Home Remodeling Trends for 2021

Whatever remodeling meets the needs of your family, be sure to spend time in planning before jumping into the project.

Always get references from prospective contractors making sure they are insured and will do good quality work.

Create a budget that works for you knowing you will be able to cover the expenses. Make a master list of what you need to do to prepare for the project.

You will be glad you spent time planning prior to your remodel.

Here are Five Top Remodeling Trends for 2021:

Home Offices

With so many people continuing to work remotely the need for dedicated office space has grown.

Since the concept has worked well for many businesses, a number of employees will continue working from home even when offices and buildings are reopened.

An Upwork study has found that by 2025, over 35 million Americans will work remotely. This shows a rising trend for the practice well past the pandemic.

Instead of building additions, many homeowners are taking down walls to open up closets or bonus spaces to create the ideal home office.

Installing technology throughout the home is also a trend due to the tech needs of working at home.

One tip to use for any remodeling project while you are still living at home is to rent a self-storage unit.

Removing all of the belongings from the space will keep them organized, clean, and protected until you are ready to move them into the remodeled space.

This is a much better option than cluttering other parts of your home like a spare bedroom or garage.


The kitchen has long been the heart of the home. This is especially true when spending more time at home, families have taken up cooking and baking as hobbies.

Some people have found that their kitchen needs an upgrade. Homeowners are wanting attractive and functional kitchens to best meet their family’s needs.

Quartz is the current winner for countertop trends. It is practical, contemporary, and versatile.

Plus it goes with both dark and light-colored cabinets. Before beginning your kitchen remodel, or any home remodeling project, be sure to come up with a practical budget making sure you can afford what you want the area to look like.

It’s possible that some compromises may have to be made.

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Outdoor living is a very popular trend in the remodeling industry. This varies from installing pools to terraced gardens.

Pool Installations skyrocketed in 2020 giving families a private place to cool down and enjoy family fun.

People are using the outdoor spaces as an oasis and a respite from life stressors. Popular additions include decks, patios, pergolas, and gazebos.

Fire pits are still popular along with game-playing areas for horseshoes or bocce ball.

One of the top trends in outdoor remodeling is kitchen and dining areas. People are less focused on eating out and are enjoying cooking as a family while enjoying the outdoors.

The trend is taking off all over the country, not just in warm spots. Some are installing large sliding or folding glass doors while adding netting to help with bugs or outdoor hearths to warm up the area when the temperature drops.

Dedicated Spaces

For many years, including last year, the most requested design was an open space floor plan.

In 2021, that trend ended. Some designers are even predicting the end of this design overall due to changes in family life.

Homebuyers and those choosing to remodel are looking for spaces that provide separation and privacy.

This explains the trend in more alcoves, sliding partitions, and pocket doors which give more versatility to space.

The popular app Pinterest is showing a major trend in remodeling spare closets to serve as a home office.

Some are opting to make rooms work for double purposes like an office by day and a game/theatre room by night.

It is all about making spaces work for the changing needs of the homeowner.

Luxury Elements

Many homeowners are remodeling to add an element of the staycation to their home.

Trends include adding luxury items to the bathroom giving it a spa-quality with specialty showers and heated floors.

Others are adding luxury to their bedroom with lux materials and upholstery. This trend includes adding floor-to-ceiling windows to certain spaces bringing the outdoors inside.

This trend is driving outdoor renovations as well. Adding a pool, special landscaping elements or an outdoor kitchen can be an expensive endeavor.

These items definitely add to the staycation feel of the home, making it where everyone wants to gather and where you can eventually entertain.

You need to remember to protect the yard with composite mats during the remodeling process.

One caution when remodeling is not making the changes so specific they won’t work for another homeowner should you decide to sell.

You also want to be careful about how much you invest in the remodel making sure you can recoup your money if you move at some point in the future.

With some planning added to your dreaming of a wonderful new space, you will soon have a remodeled home matching the trends of the year which all point to enjoyment for the whole family.

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