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Homeowner’s Guide to Raising the Roof on Your Home

When you run out of room in your home, what do you do? Put the house up for sale and look for something bigger? Perhaps, but making a move just because you need a little more space, seems a bit drastic.

image - Homeowner Guide to Raising the Roof on Your Home
Homeowner’s Guide to Raising the Roof on Your Home

Savvy homeowners consider raising a roof when they outgrow their current home.

Lifting a roof on an existing home isn’t something you do on the spur of the moment. Read our guide to raising the roof on your home and discover the key things to focus on before you remove the first shingle!

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Why Would You Want to Raise a Roof?

Creating space isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy if you lift the roof. The illusion of space also makes raising a roof attractive. When you raise a roof, you don’t only get a little more square footage, you get higher ceilings, which makes a room feel larger.

If you love lots of natural light, adding ceiling height lets you install larger windows. Depending on the design of your new addition, you might also add a door or two, which can increase natural light even more.

It’s also possible you’ll enjoy energy savings. If designed correctly, you should save money on heating the new space.

Finally, adding space may add to the value of your home.

How Much Does Raising a Roof Cost?

After considering the benefits, the next thing you should consider is cost. Like most home improvement projects, more than one factor determines the cost.

The main things contractors focus on when estimating the cost of this type of job are the size and shape of your roof, as well as its current height.

Looking at the size and shape makes sense because the contractor must plan for the right amount of materials and labor. A contractor also wants to know how high you want the roof lifted for the same reasons.

Of course, your zip code also plays a role in the cost of the job. Local rates are always specific to the area where you live. Most contractors offer a free estimate so that prospective customers can decide whether raising a roof is a project they’re ready to tackle financially.

Make Sure You Understand Permits

Anytime you think about a major home improvement project, you’ll need to consider permits. Most cities have a local building department that decides which projects need permits.

Anytime you change your home’s structure, you’ll need a permit. Even if you hire an experienced contractor, you’ll want to understand permit requirements since, ultimately, it’s your responsibility to get the correct ones in place before the project begins.

Talk with your contractor and make sure you know whether they’ll get the permit or not. Allowing a project to start without a permit sets you up for a visit from a building inspector, and possibly a fine.

Ready for a Change to Your Home?

Raising a roof can create space (both real and perceived), add natural light, make heating your space more efficient, and possibly add value. Are you ready for the change?

If you’re interested in making changes to your home, or it’s structure, continue browsing our blog. You’ll find helpful articles on a range of topics designed to inspire you to enjoy the home improvement process.

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