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How to Decorate Your Living Room More Modern

With modern decor, there are hardly any limits to the imagination. Even the boldest ideas in terms of colours, shapes, lighting, and materials can be implemented without hesitation.

Because originality and uniqueness are two essential aspects that play a role in modern interior design. This also applies to living rooms.

image - How to Decorate Your Living Room More Modern
How to Decorate Your Living Room More Modern

The modern living room style breaks with traditional design rules and treats itself to a cool game of colours and shapes.

But with all the extravagance, the harmony should not be lost. After all, the living room in our home is mostly used for relaxation.

The environment should be comfortable and inviting – a place of well-being and relaxation. We now present you 10 tasteful decoration ideas for modern living room decor, with which you are sure to have your finger on the pulse.

Something new often

Almost anything is allowed when decorating modern living rooms: furniture of different styles, colours, and materials should be combined to make the room unique.

Living rooms in which everything seems to be from a single source, on the other hand, are out. Interesting mixes and breaks of styles bring variety and verve to every booth.

The living room becomes an exciting place and perfectly reflects the life of modern people. In our photo, we can see how such a mix of styles can be achieved.

The different seating areas are alike in terms of material and shape but come in different colours.

Bright colours

Using vibrant colours is another strategy for making a living room modern. There are hardly any limits to the use of colours – whether green, red, or yellow.

In addition to walls, coloured floors can also set accents. The picture shows a living room with a bright yellow tile floor.

A great effect is achieved without much effort, simply by the bold application of paint. The white walls and furniture in predominantly neutral colours offer the perfect setting for a bright colour.

This modern, youthful living style is rounded off with matching decorations in yellow and pink.

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Conceptual furniture design

In modern furnishings, furniture is not only functional but also has a certain decorative function. Therefore, in a modern living room, you should choose furniture that breaks with traditional forms.

A shelf that is reminiscent of a ladder leaning against it is currently a very popular design concept for living rooms. As with the steps of a stepladder, the shelves are getting narrower and narrower.

Thanks to the sloping strips, the shelves also give the room a certain dynamic. As you can see, modern furnishings allow you to add charisma to the living room.

Round shapes

Furniture and accessories with rounded shapes are preferred in modern decor. Depending on the colour and material, round shapes can appear either futuristic or organic.

In this case, modern, cold white, combined with soft sand colours, predominates. The rounded coffee tables look almost like oversized pebbles. A real eye-catcher in the otherwise rather neutral living room.

Designer furniture

Iconic designer furniture simply belongs in every modern living room. Much of this furniture is from the 1960s or 1970s and brings a trendy retro feeling to your four walls.

The plastic classic ‘Louis Ghost’ by Philippe Starck is always a good choice, as is the iconic Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames or coffee tables made of transparent Plexiglas.

One thing is certain: whichever piece of designer furniture you choose, it will add incredible value to the living room. You can purchase truly unique items in galleries, for example, or from designers who have them specially made.

For example, the marble fireplace in the photo is such a special production. Flat retro patterns, like here on the carpet, also look particularly decorative in modern living rooms.

Modern room dividers

In modern houses or apartments, the common rooms usually flow into one another: the kitchen, living room, dining room, TV corner, etc. combine to form a large area.

Modern room dividers are very suitable in such cases, in order to visually separate the different functional areas from one another.

It can be a little more original: In our example, it is a rustic, oversized candle holder that separates the sofa group from the rest of the area.

Reinterpret classic elements

A modern take on traditional design elements is always a great way to decorate living rooms. A certain sense of humour should not be missing.

In our example, the classic hunting trophy – a deer’s head with imposing antlers – is made of thin wood material and attached to the wall.

The elaborately carved, bright yellow picture frame skillfully stages the deer’s head. Stupid living rooms from grandfather’s time are spoiled in an entertaining way. The laughter of the guests is guaranteed!


Mirrors make every room brighter and larger – they, therefore, fit perfectly as decoration in modern living rooms. Whether round mirrors with wide wooden frames or frameless, square mirrors: you can choose freely when it comes to design.

Furniture and decorations made of cool metal

Hardly any other material is as versatile as metal. It was already used for furniture construction in antiquity, now furniture and decorative elements made of metal are experiencing a real comeback.

Whether with a smooth or rough surface, whether black, copper, or stainless steel-grey – metal always cuts a fine figure in modern furnishings.

We especially love furniture made of thin metal tubes. Despite the heavy, rustic material, they appear delicate and weightless. Just a great contrast!

Asymmetrical furniture

Furniture with irregular shapes, such as the coffee table in our photo, is totally trendy. The asymmetrical prism shape fits perfectly with the sleek, angular design of the rest of the furniture.

In modern living rooms, which tend to be kept in restrained colours, such shapes can be used wonderfully in order not to make the room look too boring.

The wooden tabletop makes the piece of furniture of high quality and gives the living room additional chic elegance.

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