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How Do I Protect My Artificial Plants Outside?

Artificial plants have increased in popularity these past few years due to their low-maintenance reputation. While indoor greenery is now all the rage, plenty of people still love to decorate their outdoor spaces and gardens with artificial plants, especially considering how realistic they look nowadays!

While artificial plants are made to last for many years, leaving them outdoors can really jeopardize their durability and longevity. That being said, there are ways for you to ensure your artificial plants look good for years to come, even when placed outdoors!

How to Protect Artificial Plants

image - How to Protect Artificial Plants
How Do I Protect My Artificial Plants Outside?

One of the first things you can do to protect your artificial plant is to do some research before you purchase them, to ensure your plant is of the highest quality! It’s important to keep in mind that not all artificial plants are created equal, and there can be a vast difference in the lifespan of a well-made artificial plant and one that is made of low-quality materials.

When it comes to choosing an artificial plant for your home, it is better to invest in something high-quality, not just because they tend to look more realistic, but also because they will be more durable. Remember, you will be living with this plant for many years, so you want to be happy with it!

The key things to look out for when researching different artificial plant manufacturers is to find out more about their manufacturing process, what research they have done, the technology they are using, and any certifications they might have. The best artificial plants are those manufactured with built-in UV protection and are certified non-toxic too.

Another thing you should consider is carefully planning where your plant will be located. Sun damage is the main concern with artificial plants located outdoors, particularly if you’ve purchased artificial plants with no UV protection.

Any plant placed outdoors will also be exposed to weather conditions, and in some areas, this can include harsh wind, rain, and even frost. So consider these factors when you’re thinking of where you will place your artificial plants.

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Some Additional Tips

image - Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants

A great way to ensure your artificial plant lasts a long time is to clean it every 6 months. All you will need is a rag, dish soap, and water. Cleaning your artificial plant will ensure that there’s no build-up of dust and debris, which can make plants look really dull.

You should also take the opportunity while cleaning your plants to check it thoroughly so you can spot any damage early on. Some signs you need to look out for are brittle leaves, broken pieces, and cracks.

Another tip is to use a UV protection spray on your plants after a clean. As we mentioned before, the sun can really damage a plant and impact its durability. So keeping your plant protected from UV will make it last longer and stay beautiful for a long time to come.

One more thing you can consider doing is to swap your plants around to make sure they face weather conditions – and the stress of that – somewhat equally. You could even try rotating individual plants, especially those that may only be partially exposed to sunlight at any given time.

Enjoy Your Artificial Garden!

Artificial plants will continue being a popular option for busy people who want to be surrounded by greenery in their indoor and outdoor spaces. With options ranging from small hanging plants to large life-like trees, artificial plants can give you many creative options when it comes to decking out your patio or garden.

If you’d like to add more greenery into your life, make sure you invest in quality artificial plants so you can enjoy your artificial plants for years to come!