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How a Public Adjuster Can Help You with Home Roof Damage Insurance Claim

If a house were to have a section that supported the entire structural integrity of the house, it would be the roof. When the roof collapses, your ceilings and walls are also affected.

In turn, this may lead to internal damage to your furniture and belongings. Even if it’s a missing shingle or tile, it could lead to a roof leak. As water penetrates the roof, it reaches your ceilings and walls, creating a damp environment. Mold will develop in time.

That’s why there’s always more than meets the eye with roof damage in Broward. It’s important to assess the damage accurately and estimate potential repercussions.

Will the situation aggravate in time? Will the next rainstorm or hurricane cause extensive damage due to the faulty roof?

Answering these questions requires ample knowledge about property damage. A roof damage public adjuster can help you understand your situation better!

image - How a Public Adjuster Can Help You with Home Roof Damage Insurance Claim
How a Public Adjuster Can Help You with Home Roof Damage Insurance Claim

You can contact a public adjuster at any time. Public adjusting companies are available 24/7 in Broward, for any property damage claim. Homeowners in Broward are making the best choice by hiring ProFloridian public adjusters to file their roof damage claims.

Why risk being underpaid when you can guarantee a reasonable settlement for your losses with a public adjuster? Make the right choice for you and your family!

How Can a Public Adjuster Help Me?

Public adjusters are experienced in assessing property damage and estimating incurred property losses. Whether it’s roof or water damage, a PA knows what to do to protect your best interest.

Expert knowledge about insurance claims allows the public adjuster to obtain maximum compensation for your losses.

Furthermore, the public adjuster ensures your insurer doesn’t trick you. Insurance companies underpay or deny claims that lack proper damage documentation.

Roof damage may result from:

  • Hurricanes
  • Rainstorms
  • Hailstorms
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage

Hurricanes are split into categories depending on their wind speed. A Category 5 hurricane is catastrophic to most homes. Only a couple of these events have occurred in Florida throughout the years, Broward included.

The roof of a home is in the most immediate danger when a hurricane strikes. Flying debris or toppling trees lead to severe roof damage.

If it’s raining, the water seeps through the roof and reaches the ceiling and walls. You now have roof damage, water damage, and potential mold damage to deal with.

How Expensive is a Public Adjuster?

When you have to repair property damage, you can’t take on additional expenses. Roof remediation companies have expensive services that you can barely afford.

The last thing you need is paying a public adjuster upfront to file a property damage claim. Your insurance company may compensate you eventually, but your financial situation can’t take the extra expenses now.

The good news is that public adjusters don’t have upfront fees. The PA only gets paid when you get paid. When you receive a settlement from the insurance company, the public adjuster takes a percentage from that.

It’s in the public adjuster’s interest to obtain maximum compensation for your losses. Most public adjusting companies take their job seriously and provide stellar services to policyholders. This includes damage assessments and loss estimations.

If you don’t understand your rights or the claim proceedings, ask a local Broward public adjuster! They’re specialists trained in filing roof damage claims and assessing roof damage.

A public adjuster will also investigate additional water damage and mold damage. The documentation includes an ample analysis of your losses, depending on each type of damage.

With the right arguments and evidence, a public adjuster can obtain compensation for roof, water, and mold damage with a single claim.

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