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How to Fixing Leaky Pipes, Always Hire a Plumber!

Plumbing needs repair due to several factors. A major source of headache for most homeowners is when their pipes are leaking.

You need to do a quick fix when your water pipes are leaking. Here are tips to fix leaks on pipes to prevent water from continuously dripping on floors.

image - How to Fixing Leaky Pipes, Always Hire a Plumber
How to Fixing Leaky Pipes, Always Hire a Plumber

To start with, you need to know exactly where the source of the plumbing problem is located. Assess the damage where the leaky pipe really originated.

This will provide you with a general idea of what part or parts need to be repaired or replaced.

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Fixing Leaky Pipes

When you have seen where the source of the problem is, what you need to do is to tighten a threaded joint on the affected area using a pipe wrench.

Just in case you’ll need to replace it, you need to remove the joint connecting it. IT will help you greatly to loosen the connectors by utilizing a large adjustable wrench.

But there may be a time when there is rust on the joints, so you’ll need to cut the pipe at least a foot away from the rusted joint. To complete the pipes, add new pipes and connectors.

The next thing you must do is to seal the holes if there are cracks you see on pipes. Use several layers of duct tape and apply epoxy putty to cover the hole.

For larger holes, clamp some pieces of at least 2 inches length of hose to fit in around the pipe. But if you are not able to resolve the issue using these common fixes, it only means that you need to install new pipes on the system.

Another common cause of leaks is when the drainpipe connectors are subjected to pressure because of clogs. To resolve this, you must tighten the connecting joints with a wrench.

In some cases, you need to disconnect all parts to be able to clean them and use putty-on joints to reconnect.

Those are but some ideas on how you can repair leaky pipes. However, you need to know that those mentioned tips are only temporary repairs and not a long-term cure.

When you want a more permanent fix for your problem, you need to hire a professional plumber to ensure a proper fit.

Nevertheless, call a plumber immediately if you cannot repair your pipes. So get any of these plumbing issues fixed today.

Always Hire a Plumber!

A dripping tap to a leaky boiler burst pipes to overflowing baths; anything to do with the water in the home seems to instill panic in the calmest of homeowners. Who would have thought water could cause so much damage?

Yet still, so many people assume the role of would-be plumbers and attempt to fix the problems themselves. With disastrous results.

The internet is plastered with evidence of botched, quick fix, and dangerous homemade plumbing “solutions”. One shows a tap running water.

Nothing strange there, except that the water is purple. Another shows an intricate web of elastic bands that are holding a tap know onto the faucet.

Other people, when trying to stop a leak, have ended up yanking rusty taps off too hard and found half the pipe in their hand, the leak still gushing and no way to turn it off.

The greatest comes from the genius who, in the absence of hot water, managed to route the flow of cold water into a modified electric kettle, a plugged-in electric kettle, perched precariously on the edge of the sink.

The kettle would heat the water and dispense it via a spout into the sink below. The complete apathy for health and safety is astonishing!

There are two lessons to be learned here.

Number one is:

Know where your stop cock is. Turning the water off will, obviously, stop the problem from getting any worse.

Number two:

Don’t attempt any domestic plumbing yourself, always hire a professional!

However, be careful when doing so. If DIY plumbing disasters weren’t bad enough, there are plenty of horror stories out there from those who made the mistake of hiring a cowboy plumber, one who wasn’t as competent as their advert may have suggested.

When looking for a plumber, it is advisable that you seek recommendations from friends and family or ask for references.

Any reputable plumber will be more than happy to share with you testimonials from satisfied customers. Always do your research!

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