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How to Put Together the Perfect Bed

Do you know why the perfect bed is worth splurging on?

If you count the hours you spend sleeping per day, plus other activities like watching Netflix, sending e-mails, etc., it’s only natural for anyone to want a better bed. Of course, it’s not all about comfort and aesthetics.

Investing in the right bed can help improve your well-being. After all, numerous studies have shown the link between consistently getting a good night’s rest and better health.

image - How to Put Together the Perfect Bed
How to Put Together the Perfect Bed

So how does one achieve the perfect bed setup? Let’s take a look at the elements involved in creating the ideal bed.

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1. Get the Right Bed Frame

The perfect comfortable bed starts with the right bed frame. Now, if you’re asking, “What kind of bed frame should I get?” there are certain factors you need to consider.

For example, are you planning to get a bigger mattress? If yes, you should make sure your upsized mattress fits your new bed frame. Other factors to consider include the type of support you prefer (either a platform bed or box springs), the height of the bed frame, and so on.

2. Choose Your Mattress Well

Perfect sleep beds aren’t too soft or too hard. They’re just right.

If you’re a fan of new tech, investing in a smart bed is well worth it. With a smart bed, you’ll get a mattress that automatically adjusts its firmness and support settings. This way, you’ll get the most comfortable sleeping experience with every use.

Or if you have specific needs, let’s say, you’re a hot sleeper, you can opt to buy a cooling mattress.

3. Buy the Best Sheets

The good news is the best sheets don’t have to be expensive. Some brands even offer hypoallergenic sheets with extras such as pillowcases for under $30.

If you’re feeling the urge to splurge though, you can buy sheets made with premium cotton. Do make sure though that you’re getting the real deal by doing a bit of research before you shop.

4. Don’t Forget to Layer

Do you prefer a duvet or a comforter? Whatever your preference, remember to pick one that complements your blanket and sheets.

Aside from matching your top layers, you should also try to go for options that are hypoallergenic and clump-free. You’ll also save money by buying a comforter or duvet that stays comfortable no matter the season.

5. Add Pillows and Other Accessories to Complete Your Perfect Bed

Memory foam pillows are always a good choice but don’t limit yourself to sleeping pillows. Add throw pillows, decorative shams, and other accessories that can make your bed cozier.

Of course, if you feel that more pillows and accessories will take too long to make in the morning, you can always follow the 2-2-2 rule. That is 2 standard or queen pillows, 2 standard or queen shams, and 1 or 2 accent pillows. You can add 1 more of each, plus a bolster if you have a king bed.

Your Dream Bed Awaits!

Now that you know how to put together a perfect bed, how about you make the ideal primary bedroom your next home improvement project?

For more design ideas, decorating tips, gardening advice, etc., check out our other home improvement posts.

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