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How to Set Up an Aquarium in Your Home: A Helpful Guide

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the biggest aquarium in the world! Located in Asia, this gigantic aquarium holds 12.9 million gallons of water. Throughout the tank, visitors will find hundreds of fresh and saltwater fish.

image - How to Set Up an Aquarium in Your Home: A Helpful Guide
How to Set Up an Aquarium in Your Home: A Helpful Guide

Can you imagine how amazing it’d be to watch all of those fish swimming around?

If you’re thinking about bringing the awe and beauty of an aquarium into you’re home, we can help! We’ve created a short introduction to help you learn how to set up an aquarium, the right way.

So go ahead and check it out! Your future fish will be glad you did.

How to Set up an Aquarium

Picking the best location is the first step in learning how to set up an aquarium. You can start by deciding what room you’ll be putting your aquarium in. Look for a spot in the room that’s away from windows, heat vents, and air conditioners.

Sudden changes in temperature can stress out and hurt your fish. The aquarium also shouldn’t be in direct sunlight, since this can cause unwanted algae growth.

Finally, think about the floors the tank will be sitting on. Once they’re filled with water, aquariums are pretty heavy. Double-check that your floors will be strong enough to support the aquarium’s weight.

Set up the Tank

After you decide on where you’ll put your aquarium, you’re ready to learn how to set up a fish tank or reef tank. Start by washing any rocks or gravel you’ll be adding to the tank.

Only use water to get the gravel and rocks clean. While soap is fine for humans it can be lethal for fish.

Next, you can place your gravel, and rocks inside the tank. To keep the gravel from floating around, place a clean plate on top of the gravel. Pour a little bit of water onto the plate to hold the gravel in place while you add the rest of the water.

Once the tank is about one-third of the way full, you need to add in a water conditioner. To give your fish the best experience, you should also look into getting a refugium setup.

Install the Equipment

After putting in the gravel, rocks, and water, you’re ready to install your aquarium equipment. However, be careful to not plug anything in yet. Instead, assemble the filter on the back of the aquarium, leaving it unplugged.

Next, you can put the thermometer in an easy to see spot. Finally, you’ll need to install the heater. The heater will need to go under the water, and close to the input filter.

Decorate Your Tank

Aquarium decorations are great at hiding the equipment you just installed. Strategically begin placing your clean decorations inside the tank. Another benefit of adding decorations with aqua illumination led lights is that your fish will feel safer.

LED lights can be dimmed and programmed, allowing for a natural dimming at sunset and the reverse at sunrise. This is particularly good for nocturnal fish, as a dim blue light can be left on the tank to simulate moonlight and allow for feeding and viewing purposes.

Watch Your Fish in Action

Congratulations, now you know the basic steps for how to set up an aquarium. We hope that our article was able to teach you at least 1 new thing about preparing your fish’s home. For more tips like these, go ahead and check out the rest of this site.

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