Featured Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic) — Like its name suggests, a mirror TV is both an appliance and a house accent with its dual-purpose nature and features – being a TV and a mirror simultaneously. This is possible due to the high-sheen reflective finish of a mirror TV that has both the looks and the function of a mirror whenever turned off and a regular television set when on.

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Essentially, it is a two-way polarized mirror that has an embedded LCD TV mounted on its back – allowing it to function as a TV once toggled on and back to a flawless mirror when the display has been turned off.

Understandably, there are reservations by customers towards the quality of images that the mirror TV may deliver due to the differing finish that it has from most high-quality TV sets. Despite this, a mirror TV can still deliver upon its promise, especially in this age when image quality is an essential factor to consider with any television set in the market.

Even when operating with a two-way polarized screen, the images it delivers are still crisp and high-quality, as if watching still on a normal LCD television. And its sound quality also delivers quite well – its crisp and clear sounds are what its customers can enjoy especially with the top-level models currently available in the market.

When the display is toggled off, the mirror TV functions exactly like any normal mirror – becoming a stylish and functional accent for any room that is placed in, which helps to accentuate and enhance upon the area’s overall look and ambience. It also allows for wall space to be saved as there is no need to mount two different pieces to the wall or even breaking up the aesthetic design of the room.

Even bathrooms and kitchens can benefit from mirror TVs. It can double as an entertainment piece for a relaxing time and as a functional piece both for grooming use and to essentially put up the illusion of a bigger room when placed strategically.

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Learn more about mirror TVs and why you need them now with this infographic by Accent Art and Frame

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)


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