Featured of Plumber Equipment Which You Can Use for Your DIY Plumbing

Plumber Equipment Which You Can Use for Your DIY Plumbing

You wake in the morning, go to the toilet in an emergency, and you find your toilet clogged within! With the pressure build up within you, there comes the added disgust.

While you can call a plumber whenever you need help, you should have the basic idea of plumbing so that you can deal with the standard errors. We don’t go and call the doctor for a small cut under the knee, right?

Plumber Equipment Which You Can Use for Your DIY Plumbing

Plumber Equipment Which You Can Use for Your DIY Plumbing

Plumber Equipment Which You Can Use for Your DIY Plumbing

You can carry out a few plumbing operations without any help whatsoever. For example, you don’t necessarily need a plumber to vent out a clogged toilet, or to repair a small pipe under your basin. For a bigger operation, however, you can always call a Vancouver plumber.

Check out some of the plumbing tools which can help you out with DIY plumbing:

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Toilet Plunger

A plunger is the most basic clog-clearing equipment for a toilet. It has a long holding stick attached to the plunger body which helps the user hold it with precision and carry out the clog-clearing process efficiently. The body has a rubber flip which helps creates a vacuum that forces the clog to vent out quickly without any hassle. The rubber flip seals the space under which vacuum exists.

A plunger is readily available at any plumbing equipment shop and is a must-keep tool, as you never know which morning turns out to be cloggy morning.


A piece of convenient and pivotal equipment in most plumbing process, a wrench is one of those tools which a plumber always carries. There are many types of wrenches such as the pipe wrench and the adjustable wrench. The pipe wrench is adjustable too but usually comes in use for the pipe-fitting purposes whereas the adjustable wrench is more of a multipurpose one. It goes with pipes, nuts, bolts, and fittings.

The size of wrenches varies from type-to-type. For example, a pipe wrench usually comes within 12-18 inches whereas the adjustable ones come within 10-12 inches. Again, it’s effortless to find one of these in a store near you.


Again, one of the must-carry tools for a plumber; pliers are a piece of multipurpose equipment which helps plumbers in a lot of operations, especially when it comes to gripping. Pliers come in two types: Rib Joint pliers and Locking pliers. Rib joint pliers adjust while the process carries out, whereas the locking ones fixed in size for a bigger process. Both have their own benefits.


Useful for cutting pipes of almost all the types, a hacksaw is a piece of must-have equipment for most pipe-related processes. The blade of the hacksaw is usually 10-12 inch long and can cut really sharp. It adjusts by a frame which the plumber has to handle.


The most versatile of all tools, a screwdriver gives you the freedom to use it with all types of screws and come with a wide range that suits various kinds of screws. A 4-in-1 screwdriver adjusts with all screws depending upon their size. The top body of the screwdriver, called the shank, is removable.

These are the tools used for the basic operations in plumbing. Buy these and perform small tasks yourself.

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