Wardrobe Furniture Closet: Replacing Closet Space with Wardrobe Furniture

Wardrobe Furniture Closet: Replacing Closet Space with Wardrobe Furniture

Wardrobe furniture closet units can be both a practical solution for a small space with no storage, or a beautiful accessory to your home furnishing.

Whether you are living on a budget or looking to explore more fanciful design options, there is a wardrobe out there for you. With designs in cheaper materials like pressboard and some companies selling do-it-yourself kits to put together wardrobe furniture.

Closet, dresser and shelving systems in bedrooms can often be replaced with wardrobe furniture. Closet, cupboard and pantry systems can be replaced in a kitchen with a wardrobe.

Wardrobe Furniture Closet: Replacing Closet Space with Wardrobe Furniture
Wardrobe’s Furniture Closet

Store Your Clothes

The first, and most obvious, use for a wardrobe is to store clothes. A lot of bedrooms feature wardrobe furniture. Closet space can be a real premium in older homes, so a wardrobe is a great choice.

However wardrobe furniture isn’t just made to suit older design schemes. There are many modern, sleek designs that can easily fit into a contemporary design like a loft or a condo.

Wardrobe furniture, like closets, often come with rails to hang clothes on and some designs also come with drawers. They are the perfect closet alternative.

Clean Up an Office Space

Another use for wardrobe furniture is as storage in an office or a home office. Whether it’s hanging up coats or storing files, a wardrobe can be very multifunctional.

It’s easy to buy hanging file systems that can be easily inserted into the drawers of a wardrobe, and there are other storage solution systems that can be modified to add more shelves or boxes to house supplies, papers and equipment.

Create a Stylish Pantry

You could also use a wardrobe as furniture in your kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space and your house or apartment doesn’t have a separate pantry area, you can outfit a wardrobe closet as a makeshift pantry.

Obviously you can’t store perishables in wardrobe furniture, but any food that you can put in a closet – canned goods, pasta, snack food, cereal – can also be put in a wardrobe.

Hide Your Electronics

With a simple modification, your wardrobe furniture can be the perfect place to store all your home entertainment electronics.

If the wardrobe has shelves already installed, it’s as easy as drilling a hole in the back to run the cables through.

If there are no shelves, you can still set up your electronics in wardrobe furniture. Closet storage shelving systems are sold in several stores, and can be set up inside a wardrobe making it easy to set up your equipment.


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