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10 Stylish Chair Choices to Uplift Your Home Interior Design

Ever since man started living in a home, chairs have been an essential part of home furnishing. Over time, interior design has begun influencing the way their design and look.

While there were hundreds of models out there, only a few tens managed to stand the test of time. Nowadays, there are plenty of popular chair ideas that will inspire your home interior.

Many charming and unique models come from Ancient Greece to the 21st century and from Malawi to Milan. Here are ten stylish picks that will add function and aesthetics to your interior design:

image - 10 Stylish Chair Choices to Uplift Your Home Interior Design
10 Stylish Chair Choices to Uplift Your Home Interior Design

10 Stylish Chair Ideas

Bistro Chair

Undoubtedly, the bistro chair is one of the representatives of the French-style furnishing traditions. It has a history of over a century, created around the time of the Eiffel Tower.

Yet, it hasn’t changed at all, as its practical design doesn’t need any modification. The polyamide seat and back are easy to take care of, making the chair suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

10 Stylish Chair Ideas

Indeed, this stylish chair is the easiest way to fill your interior with the enduring atmosphere of the French capital.

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Wingback Chair

This sophisticated piece of furnishing dates back to the 17th century. It takes inspiration from the balloon-back archetypes and shows expressive sweeping curves. In a sense, these chairs look more like sculptures rather than standard pieces of seating.

If you want to add an accent to your Art Deco or contemporary design, pick a set of wingback chairs. Perhaps, this choice is the ultimate statement to make in your HDB or Condo interior design.

Club Chair

Club chairs are another creation of the French interior design. Typically, this type of chair uses leather. Rustic and Art Deco interior styles have always depended on this material for its luxurious properties.

What’s more, this classic piece’s spacious and plush design will add optimal comfort to your living room.

Windsor Chair

Perhaps, you’ve seen the sunken saddle seats with a solid wood design in the traditional home kitchens and dining rooms.

The first Windsor chair manufacture dates back to the 16th century in Wales and Ireland. Later on, English settlers brought them to North America, where they became a preferred piece of furnishing.

Egg Chair

At first, one would think the Egg chair is more of a decoration than a piece of seating. The designer of this model is Arne Jacobsen. In 1958, he had to develop an original idea for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The result is a smooth armchair resembling its wingback cousin. After sculpting models in clay, Jacobsen managed to find the perfect swiveling, cocoon shape to use.

Wassily Chair

The Wassily chair is the more common name for Marcel Breuer’s Model B3 chair. Even though Breuer didn’t make the prototypes for the market, later, they became pretty popular.

Their unique design is the first to use tubular steel for the frame. Nowadays, most Wassily chairs use polished chrome finish with leather, faux leather, or fabric slings.

Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone chair is yet another Danish creation, but with a Chinese inspiration. As the name suggests, Hans Wegner’s piece of seating has a steam-bent backrest in a pronged wishbone shape.

There’s also a bent-wood armrest with a handwoven seat for a visually graceful silhouette. The idea stems from the photographs of Chinese merchants sitting on Ming chairs that Wegner saw in the 1940s.

Later on, he introduced his design to the Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn, who made the Wishbone chair mainstream.


Arguably, the armchair is the safest you can get with your interior design. This accent chair has separate panels that form a special place to rest your arms.

Since it comes in various styles, it will easily fit in most interior design concepts like Art Deco or Scandinavian.

What’s more, this type of seating is suitable for the living room, office, and bedroom. Either way, the armchair will create a cozy and relaxing corner for a relaxing spare time.

Tulip Chair

The Tulip chair has more of a traditional look that comes from the mid-century sleek and clutterless style. The original idea behind it comes from the Finnish-American architect and designer Eero Saarinen.

He wasn’t quite fond of table and chair legs, as he found them ugly and confusing. That’s why he created an entire Tulip collection, with each piece using one central pedestal instead of four legs.

As a result, this type of chair looks more like a sculptural seat resembling its namesake flower. Since 1957, the original manufacturer of these chairs has been Knoll.

Womb Chair

The Womb chair is another creation of Eero Saarinen. His idea came to life after Florence Knoll asked him to craft a chair that would look like “a basket full of pillows”.

Indeed, the combination of round shape, moveable cushions, and indented armrest on top of an ottoman do the trick. The result is a chair that envelops its occupant to create the most comfortable experience.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, chairs have always been a way to make a statement. Perhaps, you can use them for general purposes, too. Either way, finding a unique collection to fit your interior design will only bring more sophistication to the atmosphere.

Moreover, they are essential for making you feel comfortable and making your home the ultimate haven for relaxation. In this regard, experts like Swiss Interior will help you pick the best seating for your home design and decoration today.

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