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Tips On Installing Replacement Windows The Easy Way

Replacement windows can help much in making your house more energy efficient. The appearance of your home will improve with your new windows. Installing replacement windows by yourself can help you save money. Yes, installing replacement windows are easy and simple to do. In installing replacement windows, do the following steps.

How to Installing Replacement Windows
How to Installing Replacement Windows

Installing Replacement Windows

The first step is to remove the old windows. When removing old windows, make sure that you are careful enough because you are going to use them when installing new windows. Your window frame should be cleaned after taking out the old windows. Remove all nails and old caulk that are still attached.

Cleaning your window jamb is the next thing you should do. What you can do next is sand wood, patch the holes using wood filler or putty.

Thirdly, prepare the new window by setting up the necessary supplies. Place the window sashes at the center then move the stops to the middle. You must find the four side mounting hole to place the stops. Next, place a bead of caulk along the inside edge of the stops and window sill.

Installing new windows is the last thing you should do. You must shim each window to secure and keep it in place. This will also make corners in squares. Screw in both the top and bottom of your window with mounting screws. The sashes need to slide smoothly and if you find any adjustments needed, do it. Then, you can add finishing touches by caulking the inside windows and installing the inside stops.

You have just read the steps in installing replacement windows. They are easy and simple to do. It is generally a cost saving process you can do at home. If the need to contact professional installers arises, don’t be hesitant in calling them to prevent windows from being broken or damaged. Anyway, the steps in installing new windows are provided on this page which you can easily learn.

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