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7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms — A bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be relaxing, comforting and dreamy. The bedroom must be spacious to the extent that it could accommodate necessary personal items but it still looks pretty stylish. When your bedroom is overcrowded and has very limited space than even sleeping in there becomes uncomforting.

7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms

7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms

The level of comfort which you seek can’t be achieved with very limited space in the bedroom. Wall bed or Murphy bed ideas are extremely helpful in creating maximum spare space for holding your personal items and having a relief from congestion and overcrowding of items.

  1. Put Decorative Elements on Ceiling

Decorative Elements on Ceiling
Decorative Elements on Ceiling

Don’t crowd the limited bedroom space with decorations. Hang this stuff on the roof. It will look more beautiful and this will manage you enough space as well. You can use this space for other things or for nothing else to have a spacious relaxing bedroom.

There is another thing which you could do is that you should hang lamps on the walls or hang any other lights on the wall. This will also save your much space which was reserved for a table lamp. Bedroom drawers can be used for keeping personal items. Accommodating all this will make your bedroom less crowded and uncluttered.

Pendant lights are available in different sizes and styles. Use of pendant lights will turn your ordinary bedroom into the extraordinary and stylish bedroom. Similarly, hang window drapery with the ceiling. This will add more space to your bedroom.

  1. Use Walls

Use Walls
Use Walls

For having much additional space for comforting and relaxing point of view, float the heavy furniture with the wall. This might look surprising to you but it actually works in creating a lot of space. You attach your bedside tables, drawers, and even dressers can be affixed to the wall.

In this way, much space will be left on the floor which you can use for your personal purpose of any kind. You should look for pieces which have separate legs and affix them to the wall. In doing all this, you might need an expert person. It would be wise to contact an expert and asked if your wall could bear the weight of these materials if affixed.

Media consoles can also be attached to the walls. It will create enough space to make your wall bedrooms much more spacious and airy. Streamline all these small pieces, shelving and cabinets will serve the purpose of storing shoes and clothes.

  1. Bed Wall

Bed Wall - 7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Bed Wall (7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms)

Creating a bed wall can be great for any size of the bedroom. But, doing so in small bedrooms will give more attention to design features rather than to diminutive room size. Creating bed wall will require much creativity and fun for its creation but it will serve the purposes of looking aesthetic and providing you enough spacious bedroom.

You can use creativity in many ways to get the bed wall charming and beautiful. Wallpaper, a featured paint or even a mural are the inexpensive options if you are looking for cheaper ways of doing it.  You can add a personalized touch to your bedroom after creating a gallery above the bed. Or you can showcase headboard for this purpose.

For headboard, you can use a decorative element that’s not typical for bedrooms. You can choose decorative wall divider, painted wooden window or iron painted panel. You must take precaution that, it is installed where your head can’t touch it or use a pillow underneath it, on the bed.

  1. Folding Material

Folding Material
Folding Material

Use folding drawers, chairs, risers, standing tables, or bedside tables, read here. It will enhance much space in the bedroom. You can also use folding elements in the furniture that you have affixed to the wall.

This project will completely serve you the purpose of a spacious bedroom. A wall-mounted shoe organizer in the closet will free much space for adding storage options. Murphy bed or wall bed already serves this purpose as well.

You should also apply decorative elements to these folding materials. It will provide aesthetics and beauty. Applying paint of some matching color on the backside of a drawer or desk will add beauty to the bedroom.

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5. Re-purpose Your Doors

Doors either leading to your closet or to your bedroom should be provided some clearance. Providing clearance may limit your space for other items in the bedroom. If you have extraordinarily small doors, then you must try folding doors, pocket doors, or stylish sliding doors.

These kinds of doors will not only create space but are most stylish and trendy. Additionally, these doors can swing easily and can be managed comfortably. Another way of making your doors more workable is that you can replace the material of the door. Reflective or light filtering material can serve the purpose.

For creating a less closed bedroom, you can opt for a frosted glass pocket door. For making the bedroom feel spacious, the mirrored closet door can be used. Therefore, it would be imperative for creating space for the bedroom to incorporate stylish components.

Moreover, replaced and modernly styled knobs and handles will also add to the mix. Coordination of door hardware with the drawer pulls will provide the bedroom more intentional and cohesive look.

  1. Use Mirrors

Use Mirrors - 7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Use Mirrors (7 Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms)

Mirrors are your friend in small bedrooms. You can use small or large mirrors anywhere in your room. There are no strict recommendations about using mirrors in the bedrooms. You can use the mirror on the floated dresser or on the headboard or even you can use it on the wall facing your bed.

The mirror can also be used in the closet or on the room-side of the doors. Adding mirrors will also produce the feeling of spacious bedroom along with the aesthetic and beautiful look. You should use mirrors on the walls artistically. Make an enigmatic gallery of mirrors with different shapes and sizes.

This project will provide wonderful features to the room. Place leaning mirror of extra-large size on the wall. It will provide the dramatic feature of feeling the room much more spacious and bigger.

  1. Use Paintings

Use Paintings - Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Use Paintings (Wall Bed Ideas for Small Bedrooms)

Using something that is captivating and eye-catching will dodge the viewers. It will provide more focus on these creative paintings and less focus on the smallness of the bedroom. In this way, making a bold choice can actually work for you.

You can use some radiating color for bed wall or you can also use some wallpaper like grasscloth. Some other artistic items which are large enough to captivate the viewers can serve this purpose. You can use pillows as centerpiece attraction if you are looking to do this with a low budget. For this, create a distinctive pattern which does not resemble the appearance of the other room. This will steal the show for you.

For instance, using brightly colored pillows in the white colored bedroom is more attracting. In a dark colored bedroom, using colorful patterns on the pillows or hue colors can serve the purpose. It will provide dramatically cool feeling in the bedroom.

Creating a space in a small bedroom and making it look bigger is the auspicious dream for the homeowners. Murphy beds or wall beds are extremely beneficial for saving a lot of space and using it for another purpose when you are not using your bed. A little bit of creativity and effort can provide you everything in this regard.

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