Cotton sheets are characterized by their fibers, and the longest and best quality fibers are available in Egyptian cotton sheets. The long fibers of Egyptian cotton are spun to produce extra fine threads, which help manufacture high-quality fabrics for bed sheets.

These bedsheets are silky and soft and are also highly suitable for the summers.

image - Egyptian Cotton: 10 Ways to Sleep Comfortably in Summers

Egyptian Cotton

Great Properties of Egyptian Cotton

  1. It is a highly breathable fabric which does not trap heat, thereby preventing night sweats
  2. It is resistant to odors and is machine washable, thereby ensuring low maintenance
  3. It maintains its shape well
  4. Egyptian cotton Queen sheets online are extremely durable
  5. It is silky soft and smooth to the touch due to large thread count

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Always ensure that you look for pure Egyptian cotton sheets as there are many companies online that sell blends of this material. Despite the mix of the other material being a small percentage, it certainly makes a difference in the quality of the fabric.

While Egyptian cotton sheets are soft from the beginning, other materials turn soft only after a number of washes and uses.

There is no doubt that these sheets will be on the expensive side at the initial stage, but what you get for the price is quality that lasts a lifetime, and ensures that you sleep like a baby.

Wash with Care

Egyptian cotton sheets of any thread count must not be washed with detergents that have bleach. The reason for the same is that bleach damages the fibers of Egyptian cotton over time, due to which the material may lose its properties.

Also do not make use of fabric softeners on these materials.

Purchase a Suitable Size

Ever faced problems with small or large-sized sheets on your mattresses? If yes, you would know the exact importance of bedding size. For standard size bed, you will be able to find a standard size bedding that complements it.

In other words, buying for a queen, king, single, and double beds it is easy to find bed linen.

Sleeping Comfortably In Summer

Tossing and turning during the night time will not help you get a comfortable night’s sleep in the summer. More often than not, this happens when the heat is trapped within the bedding.

Based on your electricity bill, it may not always be possible to lower the AC temperature. Here are various ways of ensuring a comfortable sleep during the sweltering summers:

  • Have a cross breeze– You can keep a table fan across the window so that in combination with the wind, it is able to create a cross breeze. Multiple fans in the room will give even more air.
  • Switch off gadgets– Nowadays most of us sleep with plenty of gadgets all around. Unfortunately, what we don’t realize that these electronics play a role in increasing the room temperature when left switched on for the night. Therefore, ensure that switch them off before sleep.
  • Keep the bed low– Hot air always rises, and so it is a good idea to keep the bed close to the ground to feel cool. If it is a one-story home, get the mattress down from a high bed or sleeping loft, and put on the floor.
  • Prevent excess sunlight– A lot of sunlight inside the house will turn it into an oven during the day, after which the HVAC systems would consume a high amount of electricity to cool. Instead, use drapes and blinds closed to keep the room cooler in the day.
  • Hang a wet sheet– You can make a room feel cooler by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window, where the breeze will help lower temperatures.
  • Use a hammock– Suspending a hammock inside the house is an amazing way to feel cool.
  • Use cotton– Different forms such as Egyptian cotton are made of soft and breathable fabrics to help you feel airy all night.
  • Avoid stoves– Consume room temperature dishes instead of turning up backing ovens in summers.
  • Wear loose clothes– The best way of staying cool in the night is to wear loose nightwear such as cotton shirts, underwear, or shorts.
  • Tie the hair– Tying air loosely will not only prevent it from breaking but will also keep your neck cool.

High Thread Count is Not Always the Best

People normally spend a third of their lives sleeping, making it a good idea to invest in a suitable set of bed linen. It is the quality of the yarn which matters much more than just the thread count.

One of the reasons is that far more vendors have begun selling Egyptian cotton bed linen today than in the past. Smooth cotton always ensures great quality of sleep, and this can only be made possible through the excellent quality of yarn.