What Do You Have Planned For Your Basement Floor?

What Do You Have Planned For Your Basement Floor?

IF you have a basement, you either love or hate your floor. It seems that the basement floor in all of the homes I have ever been in are either completely finished and perfect, or they are a disaster. I know the one under my house is a wreck, and so is the one at my moms house. I guess it depends on what you use it for, and how often you go down there. Not only is an unfinished floor dangerous, it can be downright scary.

What Do You Have Planned For Your Basement Floor?
Concrete Wood Basement Floor

Basement Floor: What Do You Have Planned For?

If you have a finished basement floor, that probably means you spend a lot of time down there. Some have a simple cement floor that takes the abuse of whatever may happen. If you have ever had water on your basement floor you know what I am talking about. In many cases your water heater is in your basement, and if something happens to it, you know you may have water all over the place. You might also have problems with rainwater if there is a crack in your foundation, or if the basement walls were not built up properly. Some new homes seem secure but as the house settles and shifts new problems can arise.

An unfinished basement floor probably means you use the area below your home for a cellar more than anything else. This is what my grandparents and my parents both do. They have their water heaters and the like down there, and they also store canned goods there. They have water leakage from outside at time, probably due to the age of their homes, so they have never finished the basement floor. It is nothing more than dirt and rocks, and can be dangerous at times. If you go too far back in my mother’s basement, you can find larger rocks that have tripped her up quite a few times.

If you have an unfinished basement floor, you can finish it off if you would like to remodel down there and add some living space to your home. You should make sure your foundation is waterproof though, or you will end up with your investment being destroyed after the first heavy rain. Look for a company that specializes in remodeling, and tell them you need walls, waterproofing, a ceiling, and a new basement floor so your family can spend more time there. Also remember you may need electrical work, depending on what you want to do down there.

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