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When to Call a Licensed Plumber in Sydney

Australia is the smallest continent, but one of the largest countries in the world. It is also well-known for its very strict safety standards.

Sydney, its largest city, has one of the harshest laws when it comes to safety in doing home repairs.

Since the plumbing services is one of the essential contributors in the Australian economy, only licensed tradespeople are allowed to do plumbing work, along with gas work and electrical work, inside a house.

Home repairs of this nature carry a lot of risks not only to property but also to people, especially if not done correctly, hence the restrictions.

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When to Call a Licensed Plumber in Sydney

A hefty fine is the least of your worries if you attempt to do a home plumbing repair in Sydney without a license.

An unsatisfactory work that seems fine today could have a nasty surprise waiting for you in the next few days. That is why hiring industry certified plumbing services Sydney is your best option for most home repairs.

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Do Not Try DIY at Home

If you attempt to do a home plumbing repair in Sydney without a license, you could be slapped with a hefty fine. However, this would be the least of your worries. All the restrictions are in place for good reason.

One of the many risks that are difficult to assess when doing plumbing work is knowing the nature or placement of your home’s insulation.

Some older homes have insulation based on asbestos, and drilling or cutting through it would put you at risk. What is more, you have no room for mistakes.

Your insurance would not cover costly blunders since you violated city regulations.

The intention of your DIY project is to save money, but you could end up paying much more. It could also compound the risk against all the occupants inside your house.

When to Call a Licensed Plumber

Only a licensed plumber can do repair or maintenance work from the water and sewer mains within the borders of the property up to the pipework system inside the house.

This includes installing a water heater or replacing it, whether it has gas, electric, heat, or solar pump system.

Only a licensed tradesperson can install additional plumbing fixtures such as a toilet sink, or shower.

Extending or altering pipework is another critical task that only a qualified and licensed person should do. It is a complex system that has strict regulations in terms of depth, layout, and even pipe material.

Only water fittings compliant to industry standards should be used.

During kitchen and bathroom renovations, only licensed plumbers are allowed to handle the pipework.

Non-drinking water systems that are useful in augmenting the use of potable water can only be installed by licensed professionals from plumbing services in Sydney.

Why Call the Professionals

Problems in plumbing can be inconvenient, even unsafe. Leaks can damage appliances and weaken walls.

If left unchecked, it can lead to mould infestations, causing an added risk to health. When mixed with electricity, it can be downright dangerous.

As a homeowner, some desire to fix or repair the problem right away is understandable. But this does not make it legal.

The risk that you want to fix immediately is the very thing the law is protecting you from. Licensed plumbing services in Sydney is the best option even in the time of emergencies.