Whether they are demarking the border of your property or maintaining your privacy, hedges are a wonderful way to add greenery to your lawn or garden. However, you have to maintain the hedges with regular trimming; otherwise, they will overgrow and look untidy.

You can easily trim and maintain the hedge in your property with the help of a pole hedge trimmer.

Homeowners find pole hedge trimmer as the best tool for quickly trimming hedges. It needs no special skill to handle this user-friendly tool. Anyone can use this tool anytime without any previous experience.

image - Why the Pole Hedge Trimmer Had Been So Popular Till Now

Why the Pole Hedge Trimmer Had Been So Popular Till Now

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Pole Hedge Trimmer Makes Trimming Fast and Perfect

Pole hedge trimmer is like any other singular and double-sided trimmer but with a pole that enables trimming and cutting high and low hedges easier and faster. The design of this trimmer puts a minimum stain on the back and legs.

Since the trimmer can reach the highest parts of hedges, you don’t require any ladder to reach high ends and tough angles.

Some hedges are longer than average normal hedges. Many homeowners prefer long-headed hedges on the boundaries of their properties and in the backyards to curtain the gardens and houses from outsiders’ views.

Trimming these kinds of hedges is possible with long-reach pole hedge trimmers.

Types of Pole Hedge Trimmers

There was a time when gas hedge trimmers and gas pole head trimmers were the only options in the market. The new-age pole hedge trimmers are lightweight and portable.

These essential tools are available in the market in two different specifications, viz. corded and cordless.

Cordless trimmers of this category are powered with chargeable batteries. If your lawn is small or the hedge is growing in the backyard, you can use a corded pole hedge trimmer but the cordless version seems indispensable in bigger areas.

The best cordless pole hedge trimmer is the one that is comparatively lightweight, lengthy, and equipped with a powerful battery compatible with any electric pole hedge trimmer.

Advantages of Pole Hedge Trimmers

Both corded and cordless pole hedge trimmers are very popular in the market. In recent times, of course, homeowners and professionals of this field are showing more interest in the cordless battery-powered version because of their portability.

Following are some obvious advantages of pole hedge trimmers:

  • These trimmers move through hedges and bushes smoothly
  • A pole hedge trimmer with a telescoping pole can reach great heights
  • These trimmers can start instantly and these are easy to handle
  • Electric versions run as long as you want but the battery-powered versions run for a limited time
  • These trimmers contain multiple position pivoting head that makes trimming work really easy
  • Pole hedge trimmers are lightweight and easily portable
  • Electric and battery powdered pole hedge trimmers work silently
  • These tools require minimum maintenance

Keeping hedges and bushes in shape needs time and attention along with state-of-the-art tools.

There are plenty of pole hedge trimmer models available in the market, you just need to fix your budget, select cordless or corded depending on the yard size, and weight of the tool you can carry comfortably.