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3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Electrician

Electricians in the United States saw a drop in work in 2020, as most businesses did. They’re projected to rise slightly in 2021 though as companies and homeowners become more bullish on spending with COVID coming under control.

image - 3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Electrician
3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Electrician

That may mean that you’ll bring on an electrical pro to tackle that wiring/lighting issue you’ve been dealing with all year!

No matter the reason why you choose to bring an electrician into your home before you do, you need to vet your prospects.

The best way to do that is by weighing three core factors that have a knack for quickly illustrating whether or not a licensed electrician in your area is right for you.

Keep reading to discover what those factors are!

1. Reviews

There are a lot of residential electricians and corporate electricians in just about every market. Unfortunately though, very few of them are as good as Rockwall Electric or a handful of the other reliable providers selling services.

To sort out the players in your market, start looking into reviews.

Reviews can be found via word of mouth recommendations, they can be found online, they can even be found on electrician’s websites (although those reviews may be cherry-picked by the electrician).

If you choose to go the online review route, check out Yelp or Google reviews and prioritize service providers that have 4-star averages or better and more than 10 reviews.

2. Cost

No matter how good an electrician is, if you can’t afford them, they’re not the right electrician for you. Mind you, extremely cheap electricians might also be electricians you can’t afford to hire.

That may sound counter-intuitive but consider this… If you hire a cut-rate electrician that does a bad job and their faulty work leads to an electrical fire, could you afford to contend with home damages or worse?

If you answered no to that question then you understand that sometimes, it’s worth spending a little more to get a lot more.

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3. Documents/Insurance

If reviews look good and costs check out, your final base factor to consider when hiring an electrician is documents and insurance.

As far as documents go, your electrician should be certified and licensed to practice in your county/state.

With insurance, you’ll want an electrician that has an active policy that’ll cover any damage done to your home as a result of their work and any injuries that might occur on the job.

We’ve seen uninsured electrical company employees get hurt while working in houses and those employees chase down-home/business owners for damages since they can’t collect from their employer.

Don’t fall into that trap and always make sure that documents/insurance look good before bringing anyone on.

A Good Electrician Is Worth Working to Find

Finding an electrician is easy. Finding a quality one takes more time but when you weigh liability, you’ll find that extra time is always worth it.

We hope our guide helps you down the path towards hiring the perfect professional. If you require additional guidance, feel free to explore more of the real estate and home content we have on our blog.