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3 Signs It May Be Time for a Roof Replacement

Your house’s roof often acts as a defender against all the environmental elements such as fierce storms, UV rays, hailstorms, etc. It is the roof that takes in more insult as compared to the walls, doors, and windows of your house.

And that’s why it needs repairs and regular maintenance. But most people don’t think about the roof over their head until it causes a leak. The water pouring to the ceiling not only causes a mess in your house but also costs a lot!!

image - 3 Signs It May Be Time for a Roof Replacement
3 Signs It May Be Time for a Roof Replacement

It is essential to watch for possible warning signs prior to experiencing a leaky roof. Should your roof develop leaks, instead of trying to make repairs yourself, call a professional roofing company such as Roof Works to help! Below are 3 signs that your roof may be in need of replacement.

3 Signs You Need a New Roof

If you are trying to carry out roof replacement works, it is better to ask yourself a few questions: How old is your roof? Can you see any water leaks or stains on the ceiling? Did it get hit by a nasty storm? How long has passed since the last inspection, and what did the previous inspection report say?

Always try to answer these questions proactively and decide whether it needs just repair work or major replacement.

And now it’s time to assess the 3 major signs that your roof might need replacement.

Age Factor

Age is a very crucial factor when you are planning to replace a roof. A basic roof structure usually lasts from 20 to 70 years, and the range depends on the material used. For example, Asphalt shingles have a lifetime of just 20 years beyond which they start curling if the roof is not ventilated.

On the other hand, materials like clay, slate, copper, and concrete roofs last for more than 50 years, and wood shake roofs for 30 years. Not sure how old your roof is? Go through the last home inspection report (preferably from the owner) and see how old it is.

Also, remember, always use long-lasting and durable materials while carrying out roof replacement. If planned correctly, then you may never have to replace the roof again.

Mosses Growth

Another key sign that calls for roof replacement is the visibility of mosses on or amongst the shingles. Mosses do add to the fun factor and make your house look spooky. But the reality can be quite scary.

The presence of moss itself may not indicate that you need a roof replacement as they naturally grow during moist weather. But it does give a hint towards hidden damage.

The issue arises when moss starts absorbing water during rain just like a sponge and holds it for long. And usually, shingles are there to ensure that water rolls off the roof and raches the gutter.

But when moss is present, it traps the water and stops it from going where it is meant to go. This can damage the shingles over time, and water seepage under the shingles may cause mold growth.

And in advance stages, these also encourage allergies, respiratory tract problems like asthma, and skin issues hence, if you want your loved one to stay in a safe and healthy environment, then contacting an expert roofer before it gets late.


The easiest way to tell that your roof needs replacement is by inspecting the shingles, especially after a storm. They should be ship-shape and lie flat against the roof. But if its edges appear curled or buckling, then you may need a new roof.

Self-inspection can be done by looking at your house’s slopes that get direct sunlight. In case you observe any curling and losing granules, then shingles have already passed their life expectancy.

Similarly, shingles with bald patches and cracks may also indicate the worn-out roof and is time for a new one. Check if the shingle tabs are intact. If not, then your roof could be falling. Also, look out for shingle granules in the gutters.

This is as the roofs lose more granules when they are about to end their lifespan. Inconsistent or darker color patches is a good indication that granules have worn away.

It is beyond doubt that the replacement of the entire roof is a very costly affair. But do not forget that it is also a foundational element that provides a proper structure and protection to your hose. Now, when you know what signs to look for while inspecting your roof, feel confident to make the right decision.

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