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4 Types of Carpet Stains and What to Do in Case of an Accident

Carpet on floors is a nice finish as long as it is clean and stain-free. But, accidents happen, resulting in stains. How can the homeowner get rid of carpet stains? There is one easy, sure way, and that is to hire a carpet cleaning company.

Chances are that the carpet is due for overall cleaning, and the carpet cleaning company can clean the carpet, taking special care of stained areas. There are also home solutions for carpet stains homeowners can try.

image - 4 Types of Carpet Stains and What to Do in Case of an Accident
4 Types of Carpet Stains and What to Do in Case of an Accident

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

If the carpet is clean and the only problem is the new stain, removing the stain might solve the problem. But, what if the whole carpet is in need of cleaning? Homeowner attempts at stain removal might backfire, making the stain worse or damaging the carpet.

If a person uses detergent or shampoo to remove the stain, those chemicals will start attracting dirt and the spot will reappear. Find out more from Zerorez in Puget Sound. Professional carpet cleaners use the latest spot-removing chemicals and technology.

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Attempting to Remove Stains Oneself

If the carpet in a room is recently cleaned or very new, it might be possible for the homeowner to remove the stain successfully. It depends on the type of stain and the solution used to clean it.

There are basically four types of stains, and each requires a different method of removal. If the homeowner knows what caused the stain, things are much easier. It is the mystery stains that cause most problems.

It is always important to treat the stain as soon as possible after it occurs. A stain that has been left overnight or for several days will be harder to remove.

  • Water-soluble stains such as dirt and mud, urine, coffee or tea, blood, wine, juice, other beverages, milk, washable ink, berries, and more can be cleaned using water.

Ice cream, chocolate, mustard, vomit, and other foods are also water-soluble stains. Start by blotting the stain with white paper toweling, working from the outside edges in.

Stains such as mud or loose food should be vacuumed as much as possible first. Then, rinse with clean, hot water and blot again to absorb the water. Do not scrub.

Red wine or juice or other water-soluble stains may require additional steps, such as mixing a weak solution of white vinegar or non-bleach detergent and water.

Some stains need a solution of 1 TBSP ammonia and 1 cup water or one part chlorine bleach to five parts water solution. Do not use these solutions on wool or wool-blend carpets.

After using one of these solutions, the stain must be blotted, rinsed, and blotted once more. There are also commercial spot removers to try.

  • Fat-based and oil stains, such as butter, gravy, lipstick, and salad dressing, can be removed with dry-solvent carpet cleaners or by sprinkling baking soda on the stain and letting it sit for several hours before vacuuming.

Next, blot with the stain with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Finish by rinsing with clear water and blotting dry.

  • Glue is tricky, and removing it depends on the type of glue. But, generally, use a cloth wet with alcohol to press on the stain and soften the glue.

Once the glue is softened, wipe it off gently until the carpet is clean. A related stain is nail polish. Remove it with a cloth wetted with nail polish remover.

  • Wax and gum can be frozen with ice and then scraped off with a spoon. Vacuum the area quickly before anything melts. Then, blot the area with white toweling.

Remove Stains Carefully

Remove stains gently so there is no damage to the carpet, then protect the carpet until it is completely dry. The goal is to remove the stain without damaging the carpet fibers. If you are not sure what the stain is, call the professionals in to remove it safely.

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